Grateful in the Waiting

What a blessing it was to open my blog and find so many had lifted prayers on my behalf yesterday. I sincerely thank each one of you. My day spent with Paul and Nellie was not without its struggles but it was a day well spent and much enjoyed. These two have been married just a month shy of 63 years…and what a pair! We laughed a lot and shared some tears (things did not go exactly as we had hoped with the testing..but there are still chances to get some limited driving privileges) but I just enjoyed being with these sweet Christians.

I also heard that Carter was able to go home from the hospital. I’m not sure all that is happening regarding treatment, etc….but, at least, they are all home. The hospital is just so yucky!!

I started last week with some thoughts regarding thankfulness….if for no other reason, than to keep my own perspective. As Christians, we are to be thankful – always. On Thursday, I mentioned how clearly the Lord has been leading us – but, of course, not all days are like that. In fact, just recently it seems that the clear path we were walking so confidently suddenly came to an end. I found myself thinking more often than I had in a long time, “Which way now?”

When this happens, we are often quick to think there must be a mistake (on our part…or even the Lord’s??) Did I misunderstand His leading? I know, personally, it doesn’t take long for me to become anxious, fearful….even cranky! And so soon after the confidence of the day before. Then I received an email from a casual friend. It wasn’t even specifically to me but to a group of us but it so taught me. She was also in a time of waiting to hear God’s voice – to sense His direction. She said, “I often ask God why I can’t hear him. (That is a definite WAIT). So I am waiting, hungry for instruction and direction. Exactly….the silence isn’t a mistake or God’s leaving or any such concept but was simply a time TO WAIT.

And, even in the waiting – maybe especially in the waiting – we are to be thankful. Thankful for past direction and victories. Thankful that our God is faithful and we are never alone. Thankful that His timing is always best and that as our Heavenly Father is only wants the best for us. I came across this quote in an on-line devotion…and this week, its my motto.

Learning to be thankful – even when we cannot see, hear or understand what God is doing or how He is working – is authentic thanksgiving.

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  1. I think you may have sent me a message, but when I clicked to accept it, it disappeared. All I saw was the name Jennifer. If that wasn't you, just disregard. I have one other Jennifer who reads my blog. Hope you are doing well today!!! Love & blessings from NC!

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