Grateful in the Weary Days

Another Friday gone and another FMF missed.  Disappointing.  I enjoy the challenge of the FMF prompts and I enjoy the community of FMF.  I really enjoy blogging, actually, and do not like to miss posting.  But life.  Or, life with the flu.  This struggle with the flu has been going on for almost two weeks.  But, today is a new day.  A fresh day and a beautiful one, too!  Before this day gets away from me, just a quick post to remember the blessings that were mine – even when I felt tired, ill, weary and, at times, discouraged.

In the order of total randomness (that is my mind), I am thankful for:

– a very faithful, and very patient husband….my partner in this life.  The past days have been quiet, mundane, cough infested and slow.  How comforting it is to have him willingly ride out these long days close by.  And thanks for all the grilled cheese.  Comfort food at its finest.

– essential oils…but for my OTC remedies as well.  All of it has its place and helps in some way.

– snow on Saturday.  If you are going to be snuggled under an afghan on the couch, snow outside is pretty much the perfect weather.  The cozy of it all just helps calm your sick-weary soul!

– and, now, three days later….it is 78 degrees!  Go figure.  But perfect for throwing open all the windows and airing this house out!!  Blissful!

– this phase of life.  I’m constantly being reminded of the joys it included.  This is the first time being sick without of the pressure of missing work, keeping up with the children, etc. etc.  I could literally rest all day without worry.  This is a blessing not to take lightly.

– extra time for Bible memory.  Feeling my worst was not the time for in-depth Bible study or even extra reading.  Not like I imagine it would be if “I had a day to lay on the couch.”  Or seven.  But going over verses to commit to memory….that I could do.  And, I did.

– insurance

– healing.  After you have had cancer, you go through a time when every sneeze can rattle your nerves and make you wonder if the cancer has returned.  I know that dread.  But I think that God has (lovingly and patiently) brought me through that season.   It was very evident to me these last couple weeks and, for that, I want to thank Him.  Also, even on the days when I felt the lousiest, I knew I only had the flu and the flu would go away.  Eventually.  I am reminded that God did heal me – and I praise Him – and I know many who do deal with long-term illness.  Every day.  Often, without end in sight.  I pray for each of them.

Not to end this post on a dreary note.  Much more of praise to the Lord for His mercies new every morning.  Now….outside to soak in all the Vitamin D possible.  There could be a blizzard by Friday!??!


2 thoughts on “Grateful in the Weary Days

  1. I think it's a great exercise to look for things to be thankful for always. It's so easy to get caught up in complaining and negativity that is all around us that it stretches important muscles to make ourselves find things to be grateful for… even when one had the flu! Hope you are better!

  2. I'm so sorry you've been so sick. I love how you take the time to recognize the many blessings despite it all. I too am thankful for my essential oils and grilled cheese. Praying you are feeling 100% soon.

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