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Simple Woman’s Daybook for Memorial Day (May 31 2010)
Outside my window…..it is a beautiful day. I’ve already been on the patio this morning – the birds were thrilled with a gorgeous new morning…and so was I.
I am thinking….about yesterday’s Sunday school lesson on contentment. Such a short amount of time each morning before the main worship service but some of the best lessons all week. Our world can really make contentment a struggle – Satan so wants us discontent. I grabbed onto this thought: The opposite of contentment is comparison. Ouch.
I am wearing…..a white shirt – no kidding! Too funny.
I am remembering….so many that are fighting and serving our country overseas – both in war zones and all over the world. Someone mentioned yesterday, a letter they had received from a friend in Afghanistan who said it is 117! We truly have NO IDEA what these men and women do and endure in order to protect our freedoms and defend our country. Certainly, the least we can do is remember them faithfully in prayer each day – and thank them however and whenever we have opportunity.
I am going….to enjoy another day with my Hubbie before this long weekend in over. We have some casual plans with friends this afternoon – but the weather is iffy. He and I enjoyed our day trip on Friday. We drove out to Ruckersville – and, yes..it is as country as it sounds! We stopped several times along the way and just made a day of it. Didn’t even buy much but had lots of fun looking:)
I am reading….a new magazine – Life:Beautiful that I heard about while blogging. My first issue just arrived and I really like this new magazine. Much like other woman’s magazines – recipes, decorating ideas, makeovers and advice….but with a Christian focus. It is beautifully done and I earmarked a ton of pages. (Not that I can ever remember where I saw an idea…but, I have great intentions!)
I am hoping….Nellie continues to improve – two weeks in the hospital is a long time. And that tomorrow is a great day for Miss Em (I’ll be praying for you!)
On my mind…this quote from Abraham Lincoln: America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.
From the kitchen…..hopefully, kabobs soon. Hubbie and I both have had such a taste for these but not one night this weekend has it worked out to have them. Right now, we don’t have a grill so making kabobs without one will new for us. Honestly, our old grill did not make the move and we were not in a hurry to replace it – we thought we wouldn’t really miss it as we didn’t use one tons when we had it…..who knew? We have said many a time this spring, “Sure would like such and such…but, oh, we don’t have a grill!”
Around the house…..things are quiet. Ahhhh……….
Plans for the week….coffee with a sweet friend on Wednesday – its been quite a bit since we’ve been able to get together – and then Ladies Day Out on Thursday….can it possibly be the first Thursday of the month again already???
One of the favorite things…my own precious Air Man serving our country – he will be leaving for Afghanistan in August (did your read about the 117 degrees, bud?) I am so proud of this boy!!

I love you, Smith!

5 Replies to “Happy Memorial Day 2010”

  1. I will add your son to my prayer list when I remember the men and women in the service. Oh for the day when there will be no more wars and strive.

  2. Jennifer, you have such a handsome son. A great picture of him! And it sounds like you have had a great weekend. Looks like you have a nice week ahead too. You guys will have to get yourselves a new grill. We use ours winter and summer every week. We would be lost without it. I am going to check out that new magazine. Have a nice day. Love & blessings from NC!

  3. great thoughts!!! 🙂 I didn't know he was going to Afghanistan, but I will be praying for him!! 117, really???? Wow!! I think I would pass out from the heat long before I could do any good. They really do somuch that is unmentioned!! I appreciate your family sacrifice and his service too!!

  4. Hi Jenn,
    I read your post earlier today and thought I left a comment but must have gotten sidetracked and forgot.
    Anyway, thanks for stopping in today.
    Yes, Nummy tummy, that is a made up phrase from your's truly!! lol
    That is a really good pic of your son, Jason isn't it??
    You guy might just have to break down and get a grill!! There is just something special about food on the grill.
    So sounds like you are liking your life beautiful magazine. I was just looking at mine tonight and found a recipe for a pina colada type ice you make out of greek yogurt and pina colada fat free yogurt and coconut and I got pineapple to put on top. I will let you know how it comes out.
    Have a great evening. I am off to beddie bye land!!
    Love and Blessings hon,

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