He Provided a Way for Me

If you see me on Instagram, you know this week has been one of computer woes.  Woes of the most aggravating kind.  Still have not been able to resolve the problem – as in, have not been able to even unlock the computer:( but I did not want to miss FMF.  The prompts cause me to think, to ponder and to meditate on truths and, just as much, I am always blessed by the other posts.  I encourage you to spend some time in the links.

Obviously, I am “borrowing” a computer which means I just might stick with the five minutes for today’s prompt:  PROVIDE    With Easter on our hearts and minds, no doubt, there will be several posts with similar thoughts, but that is okay.  It bears repeating.  Again, and again.

GO – From the very beginning, God’s desire was to fellowship with us.  To be with us and to commune with us.  However, sin separated us.  Sin brought consequences.  But God provided a way.  A way to have sin forgiven and a way of escape.

When God’s children were suffering in Egypt, He heard their cries.  Exodus 3:7-8 “And the LORD said, I have surely seen the affliction of my people…and have heard their cry….for I know their sorrows.  And I am come down to deliver them….”  He knew their hopelessness.  He used plaques to prove His great power and when Pharaoh still refused to let them go, He sent the death angel, proving His sovereignty.  Even then, He provided an escape. 

That escape for the God’s children then is the same as it is today – a sacrifice.  The shedding of blood by a spotless lamb.  “….and when I see the blood, I will pass over you…”  Exodus 12:13   God has always offered mercy and a way of forgiveness. 

STOP – I am so grateful for His death, burial and resurrection.  Because of His sacrifice, I have forgiveness and reconciliation!  That is real joy Easter provides!!

2 thoughts on “He Provided a Way for Me

  1. Yes, that is the greatest provision of all! I'm glad you were able to join in with FMF despite your computer problems- hope you get things sorted out soon!

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