Highlight This Memory: Baby Tyler

Just last week, I decided to catch up a bit (well, just one month so far) with my “save and highlight” feature here on my blog.  Choosing one photo that represents the month and saving it here.  A picture a month – which I know for many would be a true chore.  To pick just one photo…but I am the absolute worse at taking and/or saving photos (honestly, what is my hang-up here??) and I literally have about six or seven photos each month.  The choice is usually quite obvious.  Just like this month….

July saw me back in North Carolina.  I was there four weeks ago and left just days before Baby Tyler made his grand entrance!  If you recall, my friend’s daughter (a very good friend of my own Tyler) had her first baby.  A precious boy that she named Tyler:)  I have been eager to get back there in order to meet him.  And to visit with my friend again as well!  Hooray for time away.  And double hooray for new baby snuggles.  So, it was a given that this month’s photo would be of baby goodness!

Three things I love about this photo: 1 – baby bellies.  Are they just not the cutest?  2 – the reminder of how quickly they (newborns) change.  You really notice it in photos.  I, obviously, do not see him every day but every time she sends a new photo, I am surprised how much he has changed.  I love his alert wide-eyed look here:)  3 – the awe of new parents.  It is almost as sweet as the new baby himself.  It has been decades since I was a new momma but, truthfully, I can remember those feelings.  The “I can’t believe she is mine….” and all the “She is absolutely the most beautiful baby…” thoughts that filled my heart to overflowing.  I thought becoming a mom would be wonderful but there was no way to truly imagine all the feels until it actually happened!!  I see those feelings in this photo and I knew it was the picture to highlight this month.

Decades later, I know there are long nights, struggles and some hard days ahead for all three of them.  I also know the world is a vastly different place even since my first little one was born.  I’m praying for these new parents.  Oh but all the joys as well!  I’m excited for them.  Excited for little Tyler.  I hope to have a special place in his life for years to come.

4 thoughts on “Highlight This Memory: Baby Tyler

  1. There is nothing more enchanting than a newborn baby and yes, the love and adoration in the parent’s eyes. Tyler is adorable 🙂

  2. Oh, such a beautiful gift from God Tyler is!! You know the thing that overwhelmed me as a new mom was the ferociousness of the love I had for my child. I always knew I would love my baby, but I was totally surprised by the enormity of that love. Truly, mother love has to be the strongest love in the world….except for God’s love, of course.

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