How Do You View Your Work?

It is time for Five Minute Friday again.  I have started really looking forward to these prompts and then visiting the others in the link-up.  It is so interesting to see how one simple word can lead to so many different ideas – all so insightful and thought-provoking for me.  You can find the other great thoughts here.  Writing for five minutes today on WORK.

GO.  Spending a couple afternoons each week with my senior friends has been such a blessing in many ways.  These folks teach me something new every week.  We play games and other activities, but I really just love to visit.  Talks are unhurried and full of reflection.  I have come to realize that no matter their background, all of them can identify and, for the large part, remember three things: relationships, where they have lived and what they did – their work.  These three things form the foundation of who they are.

Talk about relationships – their spouse, grandchildren, great-children:) and they can talk forever. They love the question, “where are you from?”  This might take them back to the place they were born, where they served in the military or the last home they had before moving to this new place. Wherever it takes them, they love the memories.  And, of course, you can inquire about their work. Firefighter. Nurse. Mechanic. College professor.  Ballroom dance instructor.  I’ve met them all (and more) and, no matter how long they have since retired, each one considers these jobs a cornerstone of their identity.

STOP.  Five minutes passed already?!

A lesson for me – if the work we do is paramount to who we are, how important is it that we do our work well?  Whether you consider it a job, a service, a ministry or a calling….we must be diligent, work to reflect our testimony, and work in a way that brings glory to our savior.  So much more could be said but the point of Five Minute Friday is writing for five minutes.  But certainly something to ponder….not do I love my job, need a different job or similar thoughts – but… the work that I have been given today, do I do it will all my might?

Ecclesiastes 9:10a  “Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, do it with thy might;”

4 thoughts on “How Do You View Your Work?

  1. I used to work in a retirement community and loved learning about the lives our residents lead. You're right, their life was defined by their work. And unlike today, they stayed in the same job or field their entire life. Great post. Stopping by from FMF

    1. Stephanie – Thanks for stopping by! I have to say deciding to volunteer with these folks each has been one of my sweetest blessings! It is such a joy:)

  2. Thank you! You reminding me that I only have so long left with my mom. I need to stop and really spend time with her and not just while unloading groceries, filling the weekly meds, and dropping off laundry. Yes, that's serving her, but it feels like I'm just fitting her in. I have to change. This shouldn't feel like work. Visiting #52

  3. Jennifer, I love that you get to volunteer with seniors. I imagine you are blessed daily as are they! I loved visiting seniors when I was a girl scout and a brownie. Now unfortunately I don't have the availability. I think I need to pray that the Lord will open up some time. I am blessed to at least get a chance to meet them here and there with my current position. Your's is a special position. Thanks for answering that call to bless.

    Thanks for visiting me today too. I pray that you will have a wonderful week.

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