I Confess – I’m THAT one

I hate to admit this. But Hubbie and I ventured out to the stores for the first time “post-Christmas” on Tuesday evening. It really has not been that long since Christmas’ however, all the madness had died down (I think that lasted about 24 hours?!?) but there were still bargains galore to be had. We really weren’t shopping for anything – Hubbie just had a few returns to make (this is a pre-scheduled post-gift opening event…but that’s another post) and we were browsing. What?? the bathing suits were out! Yes, I know this happens every year but I still get caught off guard. I was expecting the Valentine’s cards and goodies but swimwear?

So I rolled my eyes several times. I might have made a few sarcastic comments (who me?) and then…..I can’t believe I’m saying this – I bought one. Really now? Who buys a bathing suit in December?? Me!! I have the worst time finding a suit that fits all my criteria and/or expectations but this one did and, you know, if I waited to buy it until spring, they would be gone. Right??

I did NOT however try it on at the store. Goodness, who needs to peel off layers of sweaters, tights and corduroy to try on a swim suit!! But I will never ask again – who’s even buying this stuff??? Oh, and I did buy a new winter coat (for a great price)….surely that even things out! 🙂

10 thoughts on “I Confess – I’m THAT one

  1. LOL, i need to go out and look at the bathing suits, now that i know they are out! but my excuse is that we go to florida in may so i need one for that trip and yeah if you wait until spring, you'll be picking at left overs!

  2. I saw swim suits in a store yesterday, and I thought, "Who in the world would buy a suit right now?!?!" But now I know~smart ones! I should probably look for one soon…the selection is great!
    Hope you have a safe evening and a Happy New Year!

  3. haha i LOVE it….and your right. It IS the perfect time to look for a swim suit. And in many ways if you can still find a winter coat that you like and it fits, its a perfect time to shop for that as well. Have a wonderful New Year, full of His richest blessings, and abundant love and peace. Debbie

  4. LOL—Don't you HATE it when you end up humbled about things like this?! And yes, I do believe buying a coat evens things out…kind of like drinking a diet soda nullifies the calories in the burger and fries… 😉
    ps-so glad we reconnected! I actually read here quite often and didn't realize you'd "lost" me! Praying for a blessed new year!

  5. I was in the Joanne Fabrics here in Orlando the other day and they had rows and rows of Valentines stuff! I was like, "Are you kidding me??? It's still two days before Christmas!!" I seriously couldn't look at that stuff. Riley REALLY wanted to though and was pointing out the 50 million RED things they had…plushy animals, candy, big hearts, etc. I have a feeling she is going to LOVE Valentines this year with all the decor that's out there!!

    As for bathing suits, I think it's a little easier to accept here in Florida. It hasn't been that cold the last few days (highs in the upper 60's or low 70's) and will be getting warm again by the beginning of March…2 months away!

    And I can definitely say I FOR SURE need a new bathing suit this year! This post baby body tried to wear old bathing suits last summer and that was NOT pretty. Definitely need to get into something that fits me now. I just hate spending money on such a small piece of material! 🙂

    Love ya!

  6. Well now. I came here to wish you a Happy New Year, filled with blessings, and peace, and joy.. and I find bathing suits? Oh dear. I'm at the stage in life where those long-sleeved ones that come to your knees are starting to look appealing; did you see any of those? Anyway, just wanted to say "hey" and to promise that I won't lose touch, even if I don't comment on a regular basis. Several little buddies are going through a really hard time cancer-wise, and it takes most of my "visiting" time going to their sites to encourage and pray. Praying right now for a CURE.. for all of the precious little ones who are hurting right now. Blessings to you, sweet one.. may 2010 be a wonderful year for you!

  7. Well I think you're very wise to buy one. I always wait until it's too late and never do find one. I end up wearing my maternity suits with t-shirts over them (or something very like that). YUCK! So, I applaud you! 🙂

    Happy New Year Jennifer!

  8. Hi Jennifer, Happy New Year and thank you for stopping by my blog-so glad you did because I am enjoying reading your posts. I saw bathing suits yesterday-go figure, here in Co. we still have freezing cold and snow-just like you. I need to lose about 10 lbs before I go there. Glad you found one though. I was bugged by Valentines stuff out before Christmas. Oh well.
    Have a wonderful weekend and I'll be back to visit.
    Hugs, Noreen

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