Sweet Smellin’

I try to post Monday, Wednesday and Friday…and here it is 10:00PM (bedtime!!) on Wednesday….better late than never, right?!  I don’t feel totally terrible about getting on the computer late as today was a very productive day! Hubbie was home today and we cleaned house…deep-cleaned…all day!  Do I love cleaning?  No. But how much nicer it is when we are able to work on the big projects together – and I totally DO love the finished work!  Is it just me…or do you just feel good when the house looks nice.  And the smell:) That sweet mixture of Murphy’s Oil, Pledge, Windex and just a bit of bleach…..makes me swoon!! While I was dusting – and enjoying the clean scents around the house – Ephesians 5:2 came to mind: “….Christ…hath given himself for us an offering and a sacrifice to God for a sweet-smelling savour.” Christ’s obedience to become our saviour was a sweet-smelling sacrifice to God.  How wonderful smells really are!!   caramel apple candle Perhaps, just like the smell of my clean house makes me feel happy…the sweet smelling savour, or scent, of my obedience is pleasing to my heavenly Father.  I sure hope so.  I want the prayer of my heart to be for Him to “create in me a clean heart” that is quick to hear His voice and willing to obey.  Then that the aroma of obedience will waft Heavenward…… Now, I suppose there is such a thing as” too much of a good thing”.  On the way to church this evening, we stopped by the store and bought some Simple Green.  We have heard from several people how wonderful this stuff is at getting all kinds of stains out – from clothes, carpets, etc. etc.  Even a random lady in the store who saw us buying it told us that Simple Green was great stuff!  Wonderful. Unbeknownst to us, that very bottle of Simple Green, which apparently did not have its lid on correctly, leaked out all over the back floorboard of our car on the way to church.  I noticed it when I grabbed my Bible bag and it was soaked…as was my Bible and all the other things in the bag.  Not happy. Not even happy with the “aroma”…..or the highly concentrated scent of “fresh pine forest” that was covering everything I brought into church.  It was Simple Green overdose.  I just sat through the service hoping everyone thought the cleaning lady (who was sitting right behind!) did an exceptional job this week!!

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  1. How horrible to have it ruin your Bible! I love the verse and how you tied the cleaning of your house with the verse. Very nice! I love a clean house and feel just like you. My son actually said to me this morning that he loved that "smell." He was referring to the smell of bleach I was using to wash his football uniform in the washing machine.

    Thanks for your comment on my blog about "comments." I actually had someone comment on my blog and when I went to their blog it was entirely in a different language also! Only I left a comment!!! Had no clue what they wrote about. I just told them to have a nice day. Too funny! Hope your Thursday is good!

  2. Oh no…how sad it was on your Bible…I do know just how you feel about that clean house feel, smell, and look (shocker kindred spirit! haha) I have to force myself sometimes to DO the work in the first place, but I always love myself afterwards….I just want to sit there and sniff…All that AND a post…good job! Have a wonderful day…HUGS

  3. A clean house….Ah, nothing like it!
    I was simmering cider with spices the other day and the house smelled great. Then I put the pumpkin cobbler in and Wow, it's makes cleaning easier. lol

  4. I will try to share the recipe soon. I teach all tips on decorating. We have a W.I.S.E. Builders program. Women of Integrity , Strength, & Efficiency. There are 12 wks. of sessions. From cooking, how to handle finances, cleaning, personal care, decorating, etc.
    I instruct on everything from curtains, patterns, vignettes, hanging art work to proper height to hang light fixtures.
    It will go into book form in 12 to 18 mos. Our pastor's wife started this 4 yrs. ago.

  5. Hi! Jennifer, was so happy:) to see a comment from someone new! I love new Friends! Thank You for stopping by! I love your blog! and to share Christ is so awesome! I am joining you this minute! I loved that scripture! will definately borrow this one! Happy:) Evening!

  6. Thank you for stopping by "Thinking About Home" and leaving your kind words!

    As a first time visitor to your lovely blog, I must say that you are living up to your blog title…"Trading Ashes for Beauty." My mother's heart ached as I read of the loss of your precious son Tyler. I am sure that you feel that loss every. single. day….probably many times each day, for how can a mother go on without the child to whom she has given birth and nurtured and loved? And yet, you have gone on. And with a grace that comes from above.

    Blessings to you as you minister that grace…and hope…to your readers!

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