Inviting Ourselves In

The assisted living facility has a beautiful lobby and living room.  The gas fireplace is massive and is always on and is homey and inviting no matter the weather outside.  Every afternoon I arrive, there are always two or three residents gathered there.  Simply spending the hours before dinner is served.  Often someone has dozed off in an upright position.  I usually go by quietly so I don’t disturb the napper.  But, what about the others who are awake? 

Yesterday, I stopped and started talking.  Apparently, it is much easier to begin an easy chat, or even a discussion, than it is to try and end it.  No one wants to be lonely.  No one wants to be alone….at least, not for too long.  We want to be included. We want to belong. But not everyone is able to connect – even with folks sitting close by.  Or has the courage to join the conversation or the group – even if invited.

Sometimes we have to invite ourselves into their world.  It might sound socially incorrect and may, initially, even feel awkward but there are so many around us who not only need us, but also want us, to engage them.  The new member at Bible study.  The visitors sitting by themselves before church begins.  Neighbors who just moved from across the country.  The senior waiting alone in the doctor’s office.  The list is endless.

STOP.  We need eyes that looking for others.  Hearts that are sensitive to needs and a willingness to invite ourselves into their lives….for a just a few minutes, for a time or even for a friendship.

This week’s prompt is INVITE.  You can find the others joining this week here.

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  1. Our pastor spoke on a similar theme today: helping make those who are invisible, visible. This can be done in small ways, but they're really important.

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