Just a Few Snapshots of the Week!

WORDLESS WEDNESDAY – we all had such a good time with Jordan!

Jordan’s favorite restaurant is Cheesecake Factory.

We had fun at
Dave and Busters

Apparently Guitar Hero is
VERY serious business….

Before heading to the gun range..

Dad really was happy that day
although you just can’t tell it here –

Tony, on the other hand..

And…back to business

(yes, us at the airport at 0500 hours – ugh!!)

6 thoughts on “Just a Few Snapshots of the Week!

  1. Hi Jennifer,
    Glad you had such a freat time with Jordan, he is so cute!
    In fact, I think he looks a lot like Tyler, just older of course.
    He looks sad in the last picture –
    those so longs are very hard aren't they. I remember when my brother was in the Marines and was
    leaving for Viet Nam the 2nd time,
    I cried the entire day. But it is
    hard anytime they have to leave and you don't know when you will see them again. Will be praying for you and him and your whole family. What a precious thing to have him home, but it is not easy
    letting them go again!!
    Blessings to you and yours hon,

  2. Jordan is such a handsome young man!!! I know you enjoyed your time with him while he was home. It is always hard to say bye and let them go back. You have lots of good memories to keep you smiling while he is away. I am praying for Jordan, as well as your family during this time. Love & blessings from NC!

  3. i like all of them.. minus my pregnant photo and the one where jordan looks ridiculously high. besides that, yay! do you realize there's never a single picture of you?

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