Thanks to everyone for all the nice comments/best wishes on our anniversary yesterday! Hubbie and I had a really nice day together. We browsed a lot of antique stores and shops but didn’t buy a thing! I know, hard to believe….but we just enjoyed the day!

Leesburg definitely has the quaint factor…..

and way too many cute places to eat!! Luckily we went out for a big breakfast before getting there – but that didn’t stop me when we found the bakery:) The cookies were delicious and the cupcakes were the size of softballs – not kidding.

Isn’t this restaurant just a charmer??

And I am a true sucker for gorgeous hanging baskets…and they were everywhere! (Not to mention..these shutters are too cute!)

Today – Bible study starts again after a summer break. I am looking forward to seeing all the ladies again (the study I attend is held at a different church than my own and is a bit of a drive so I don’t see most of these ladies outside of Bible study)…..as well as getting back into scheduled study. Funny – at the end of the semester, I’m ready for a break and then I’m so excited to get back into it.
This semester I’m taking a Kay Arthur DVD study on Ephesians. I’ve heard only great things about her studies and can’t wait. Anyone else participating in a Bible study this fall?? No doubt, I’ll be sharing some of what I learn in the weeks ahead….please, do the same!

5 thoughts on “Leesburg

  1. Morning Jennifer,
    Thanks for stopping by. So glad to hear you and hubby had such a nice day. Those quaint lil shops are always so neat and fun! I like the shutters too, especially the color, that is the color we painted our bathroom we are working on. I just love it!!
    That lil restaurant looks so neat too. Don't you just love discovering new places or shops like that, just so exciting and fun.
    It is actually 71 degrees right now course, it is only 7:20 a.m.,
    it will quickly be 90 by 9:30 or 10:00. It is nice to see the mornings starting to cool off, at least it makes me feel like getting out and working in the yard
    some. I worked out there a lil last night, but was a sweat ball when I came in! yuk!!
    I have done Kay Arthur studies before and they are really great,
    you learn a lot!! I was in one last fall. I wanted to go back this quarter but hubby and I are
    teaching Sunday School, so I know I want be able to keep up with it all, cause I also have a small ladies group every other Wednesday as well. It is for ladies that don't work outside the home and are empty nesters or almost empty nesters. I have found that most women in my stage of life go back to work, but that doesn't seem to be the Lords plan for me. Cause 3 yrs. in a row I was gonna do that cause I had no one to hang out with cause all my friends went back
    to working outside the home, but everytime I thought I was gonna do it something major happened so I couldn't! I got the message!! lol
    Do you live in Florida?? Cause there is a Leesburg in Florida and I noticed it was spelled the same way as ours.
    Well, maybe you will get into your Fall decorating mode today if it isn't too hot. Happy Decorating, you still have another week till it is actually here.
    The last few years I have started early just so I can enjoy it longer!!
    Have a great week hon.
    Blessings, Nellie
    Look forward to hearing what you are learning in your study since I
    can't go myself!!

  2. So glad you had a good time with your hubby. Looks like a great place to browse and shop!

    I have done one Kay Arthur study and it was really good. You learn a lot about HOW to study the Bible.

  3. Your anniversary is so close to mine. We celebrate 30 years tomorrow! Hope we will do something fun on Friday, my husbands day off. I started Bible study last night, and there's a little preview over at my blog. You will have to check it out. Last night was great! Have a blessed week. Jackie

  4. So glad your day was full of good things to remember!
    I will be starting a bible study this thursday at our church. IT is on Esther. I haven't been to one for so long because we haven't had a dependable car, but now we have a new car and I can attend!

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