Life’s Little Pleasures

It is full-on packing prep mode at my house – which, essentially, means that I as I think of yet one more “ah, I don’t want to forget that” thing, I lay it out on the guestroom bed.  That bed is beginning to look, well – overpacked.  I also have been trying to save a bit room for fun extras!  Especially some things that will be a treat for the missionaries’ children when we get there.  I have been trying to discover a few things that, perhaps, they might be missing from the United States and would be oh so happy to see in a visitor’s suitcase:)

I’ll admit – Thailand seems to be fairly well stocked in goodies…including all Western ones!  I did get to thinking, though, if I were away from home, what would be some of the things I might miss.  I’m sure I could live without these – but, oh, wouldn’t they make a delightful surprise.  Here are my random, so glad I have easy access to you, favorites:

1 – Dark chocolate.  Definitely an indulgence even here at home.  I cannot (that is, I should not) eat dark chocolate every day.  But when I want the joy of chocolate – dark is the only way to go!!  The darker, the better.  Ahh.  Even when traveling in Belgium where chocolate seemed to be everywhere, it seemed there was one dark chocolate treat for every fifteen milk chocolate one.  Go figure.  I will admit, I already have a dark chocolate stash for my carry-on:)

2 – Double stuff Oreos.  Again, I rarely eat these at home.  In fact, I let my husband chose his favorite – which are always the original (with minimal stuffing) – and I never bother.  That is a waste of Oreo calories, in my opinion.  So, if ever I am stranded without Oreos….please send double stuffed!

3 – Tofu.  A bit more practical, maybe, but I do know when traveling, it can be harder – even harder than here at home – to find vegetarian dishes that are actually yummy.  Or even palatable.  You can usually find rice and/or noodles and I eat a lot (a lot!) of both when I travel….but, if someone were to unpack some tofu:)  I could create a real meal!

4 – Flatiron.  It’s not only food that makes me happy.  It might just be me….but it seems everywhere I travel, humidity is crazy and humidity is not my friend.  Certainly not a friend to my hair.  Being able to tame the tresses every morning just speaks calm to my soul.  It’s not vanity.  Just calm to my soul:)

5 – Essential oils, bug spray, and self-tanner.  Again, I could certainly live without them but, oh how much nicer life is when you aren’t the only women with pasty white legs – attracting every mosquito within ten miles!  And the oils – more calm for your soul!!

6 – Trail mix.  Actually, if I am ever stranded on a desert island and you can only send one thing….forget the chocolate, the Oreos, and even the flatiron.  Just send trail mix.  Pure happiness in a bag!!

What would be a total treat for you??

One thought on “Life’s Little Pleasures

  1. Love to read it. Dark chocolate is the BEST! The other things are great too.

    I always loves: Bubble Blowers (the most simple ones). It is always so nice to do and nice to see. To make photos of it. Also a blank journal is a real gift. Or a nice T shirt with selfmade letters/symbols etc on it. Flashlights and glow sticks for night travel (also adults love it). I Spy books. And facial cleansing wipes.

    So, that was it 🙂

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