Headed to the Clouds

“I’ll fly away…..oh glory, I’ll fly away” – so goes the song in my head.  Which, I’m pretty sure will be FMF just after the prompt is revealed – and on Thursday night.  Maybe it was not the best idea…because I know those lyrics are going to stay with me!!?!
on repeat all night.  This is my first attempt at joining

But, not far behind Kate, my day to fly away is coming quickly.  Not to glory….but to Thailand.  By way of Tokyo.  By way of Chicago.  Over 8,000 miles and more hours than I want to calculate.  It is a long trip but I am excited, a bit anxious but mostly eager to be there and to be involved.  I do not know who the earliest missionaries were to Thailand but Adoniram Judson traveled to Burma (Myanmar), Thailand’s neighbor, in 1850.  Can you even begin to imagine that journey? 

The sacrifice was immense and, although in a much different way, missionaries today still sacrifice much to follow God’s calling to a foreign field.  To begin ministries from scratch and faithfully serve in a new land.  I am blessed to spend the next couple weeks working alongside some of these missionaries.  To learn.  To encourage, and be encouraged.  To help and to try to be a blessing.  I sincerely thank the Lord for the opportunity.

I will be absent from the blog for a couple weeks.  If you stop by and nothing seems “new,” it will mean I am still on the other side of the globe.  Take a moment and pray for all of us on this trip.  I would be grateful if you did.

Don’t forget to check out the rest of the FMF writers.  Me…..I’m ready to fly away!!

21 thoughts on “Headed to the Clouds

  1. I'll pray for your trip. My daughter is currently in Canada on a mission trip, and when she returns, she and I are both going to Mexico to work with another group of missionaries. We are not traveling as far as you, but for the same Lord. Safe travels!

  2. I can understand how that song can stay in your mind once it starts! May your 'fly away' mission be full of God's glory! I've known other missionaries that have spent a lot of time Thailand. I am sure this call to you from the One who knows you best will be one of many blessing to you and the one's you serve.

  3. I love the Crowder version, and “I’ll Fly Away” is one of my favorite old hymns.
    May God bless those you encounter as you minister to the people of Thailand.

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