Magic Pumpkin Cobbler

Are you over the pumpkin spice craziness yet?  Or, perhaps you are still trying to savor the very last drop…or piece of pumpkin goodness?  I think I am somewhere in between.  So.much.pumpkin!!  But, then again….so much pumpkin!!:)

I made the mistake the browsing through my “Pumpkin Madness” board on Pinterest and found “just a couple” more treats that I had not yet tried.  So, this weekend I made Magic Pumpkin Cobbler!

(Here’s a direct link:….or you can find it on my Pinterest board.)  Not only was it magic – creates its own caramel sauce as it bakes – but it was beyond easy.  But super delicious!!

I so wish I had pictures of my dessert.  This is a photo from the original recipe posted by Creations by Kara.  It is every bit as yummy as it looks.  You will want some.  Tonight.

Just a short post today….but please tell me what delicious treat have you discovered this fall?  Only one more week for all that goodness. 

Brace yourself for the sugar cookie, peppermint latte, and gingerbread everything:)

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