A Look Back

An Autumn Day Trip

Yesterday was a beauty!  In so many ways!  We finished our fall revival the night before and both Hubbie and I are feeling refreshed, encouraged, excited and challenged.  Spiritually renewed.  The weather has just been pure perfection making us feel physically refreshed as well!  Yesterday morning just beckoned for us to “get out for the… Read More An Autumn Day Trip


Magic Pumpkin Cobbler

Are you over the pumpkin spice craziness yet?  Or, perhaps you are still trying to savor the very last drop…or piece of pumpkin goodness?  I think I am somewhere in between.  So.much.pumpkin!!  But, then again….so much pumpkin!!:) I made the mistake the browsing through my “Pumpkin Madness” board on Pinterest and found “just a couple”… Read More Magic Pumpkin Cobbler


Consider and Be Wise

Every day, the trees are slightly more painted in their fall colors.  The mornings have been brisk and we were even able to use the fireplace over the weekend.  Just to knock off the chill.  And to feel our spirits say “ahhh!”  First morning coffee in front of the fire is simply wonderful, in my… Read More Consider and Be Wise


A Season to Offer Praise

Today has been 100 percent fall.  The leaves are just beginning their transition…but the temperatures are perfect autumn.  Sweater weather.  Clear skies and glorious sunshine that warms up the chilly morning.  The front porch mums are bursting out in color.  I helped put out a staff lunch today at my church and the school there. … Read More A Season to Offer Praise


A Snow Day

Yes, we had a snow day yesterday:) I don’t have children in school anymore. I don’t work at their school any longer but something about a snow day is just plain fun! I love the unexpected change of routine and the chance to stay home and snuggled in – which is especially nice when the… Read More A Snow Day



Thankful Thursday…..and I am thankful today for snowmen! Yes, I am trying to have a better attitude about all this snowy weather (you know, MORE is on the way?!?!) but it is a little more than that. I had such a good time with my little preschoolers class at church last night! And we talked… Read More Snowmen!


Leaves or Daffodils

I was just curious………..I was reading my recent issue of Country Living magazine this weekend and came across this quote: “Fallen leaves lying on the grass in the November sun bring more happiness than the daffodils.” – Cyril Connolly So I was wondering…do you agree or disagree?? Not that I’m getting too deep…just which season… Read More Leaves or Daffodils