Mismatched Words and Actions

It is a COLD Monday morning! and I am off to work…all day! Not my first choice – I really do enjoy “part time” – but, actually, this was someone else’s shift who asked me to switch with her. I ended up with the entire weekend off which was nice.
I really do enjoy my job. Even more than I thought I would:) For the most part, the customers are all really nice and I enjoying chatting with them as they shop and check out. Of course, every once in awhile, there is the cranky customer. For instance – last week.
A very well-dressed woman, with the loveliest British accent, came in and asked if we had cards for folks becoming a citizen. Of course we do. (Honestly, we have a card for just about anything….even some things that really don’t need a card.) Any hoo, after she found her card, she was hurriedly looking around the store. I asked her if I could help her find something (why did I do that??) and she was looking for a gift for her friends…the new citizens. Something “American” but not touristy junk (her words!) I thought and thought but really could not come up with anything.
And then the complaining started. Although she did eventually find something – very nice and appropriate, I might add – she never stopped complaining. And not just about Hallmark or shopping or something similar – no, about this country!! Its lack of patriotism…and on and on and on!! So, her she was wanting to celebrate her friend’s American citizenship and whining non-stop about America.
What was wrong with this picture?? Clearly, her words did not match her actions. And I have thought several times over the last week about this lady. Not only do I hope her friends appreciate..and enjoy… their citizenship – and the true blessing that it is – more than she does, but I also pray that my actions match my words…..and my words match my actions. I would never want my words – like complaining or joining in the “latest news” at work – to be disjointed with my testimony of being a Christian. I pray my co-workers never have reason to wonder, “what’s wrong with this picture??”
Just a thought as I head off to work and begin another week. Looking for all God has in store this week:)

5 thoughts on “Mismatched Words and Actions

  1. Hi Jenn,
    Those are great thoughts, cause I do believe we all do that at times, not really realizing how we sound, but it is certainly a good desire to have our walk match our talk. Our testimony depends on it!! I am with you that is my desire too, so guess we can pray and ask the Lord to please let our walk match or talk.
    and if there is somewhere it doesn't to please let us know.
    Hope you have a great day at work,
    sounds like a fun job to me.
    blessings, Nellie

  2. Good Morning! WOW you have hit on a subject I have given a GREAT deal of thought to in the last couple of yeasrs especially. DO I and how I speak and live REALLY live up to what I believe in my heart? Sometimes I think I just open my mouth and like you said "join in" cuz I don't want to rock the boat etc. Other times I am just in a grumpy mood and don't really say how I REALLY feel, I am juat grumpy, or tired, or discouraged, you know? But how careful we have to be. We are witnesses ALL THE TIME rather we want to be or not…just what kind am I is a big question? Have a wonderful day at work my friend. I am soo glad you enjoy your job. I think working at such a store would be something I would really enjoy too. HUGS, Debbie

  3. Hey Jennifer,

    Thanks for sharing that story! What a great reminder to let our actions and words line up and match!

    How easy it is to say one thing and do another!

    I appreciate your post today.

    Hope you and your family are doing well.


  4. This is a good post for all of us. I'm sure there are times when we say something without thinking (or caring) how it sounds with what we stand for. Thanks for the reminder.

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