Morgan Is Going to College

THANKFUL THURSDAY – I’ve mentioned Morgan before…what a blessing this boy is to my heart!….and last night we all celebrated Morgan during the children’ class I teach at church on Wednesday nights. (I’ve mentioned my Crusaders, too!) EVERYONE loves Morgan and we love having him in our class.

For those of you new to my blog, Morgan was Tyler’s bestest buddy and he stepped in as my class helper after Tyler died. He has such a sweet spirit and a natural gift with the children and has been an incredible help and blessing to me these past four years. I think the kids come to class primarily to see Morgan – and to sing his “silly songs”!!

Oh sure, we sing plenty of songs but it’s Morgan’s “silly songs” that they really want! And the sillier we look doing them – all the better!!

Morgan is leaving for college on Friday. Goodness….with Tyler in Heaven, Jordan in Afghanistan and Morgan leaving, too – it makes this girl feel old and a bit heavy hearted! But back to the party!

I’m tellin’ ya – they LOVE Morgan!

We had balloons – and cookies, and brownies and gummy worms….
I always say – load ’em up with sugar and then send them home with their parents! 🙂

Totally into his silly song!! (if only I had video on my camera!)

“Singing in the Rain” – well, Morgan style!

Too cute:)

Baby Shark – always a most requested favorite!!

I’ve no idea………………..
but it looks like fun – and everyone always participates!

“Hey, my name is Joe” – my personal favorite:)
singing with your tongue hanging out!!

Morgan, we will miss you…and pray for you. We love you!!

And I had to include this last photo. Not only does Morgan look incredibly handsome and his little buddy there, too cute! – but I was telling the class that Morgan was going to college. I asked them, “What is college? What is Morgan going to do there?” And this little guy yelled out – Sit around and play video games!!! Love it. You wish, Morgan!!

9 thoughts on “Morgan Is Going to College

  1. Morgan seems like a great guy. All the best to him 🙂

    Peyton's friends are starting college Monday, but most of them are going to our local university. I will still get to see them regularly 🙂

    Have a blessed day.

  2. Looks like everyone was having a great time. Although Morgan is leaving, now you have something to look forward to when he comes home! And now you have someone else to send care packages too!

  3. What a blessing Morgan has been to your life these past 4 years. The children will enjoy seeing him when he comes home for break and holidays. You class is precious!!! And I know they are the joy of your life too. Little ones have a way of making life fun! Best of luck to Moragn as he starts college. You will have to get your class to send him cards/pictures/drawings each week to encourage him at school. I know my daughter loves to get mail. Love & blessings from NC!

  4. He looks like such a neat guy and it is soo obvious all the kids LOVE him. He will be missed for sure, and yet think of the delight when he visits now.

    My package came yesterday and just can't tell you how wonderful it was. Like a wonderful hug from such a good friend. I LOVED it. I have a couple of places in mind to hang it and I will post it in it's new spot when I settle on it. And your soo right. I will think of you everytime I look at it. I love the birdie magnet too. Soo cute. You are such an incrediable blessing to me and I praise God for leading me to Trading Ashes for Beauty and to you a friend that I treasure. HUGS to you today, Debbie

  5. I haven't been on the blogs lately, but I sure have been missing things!! Seeing Morgan and the kids just brought smiles to my heart! He is such a blessing to me. I know you are going to miss him too.

  6. oh my gosh,
    Hope you got my comment, it was very long and then it said my comment was to long and it couldn't post it and
    i have never had that happen before so didn't know what to do, but tried to send it and it is not here!!
    I am so hoping you have comment moderation and it shows up later.
    Let me know will ya??
    Thanks, Nellie

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