And let us consider one another to provoke unto love and to good works:  Hebrews 10:24

To provoke is to excite or encourage.  You might say, to motivate.  We are called to motivate one another.  I think we all want to be an encourager, myself included.  But to do so – and to do so even better in the year ahead – we have to encourage on purpose.  I would like to purposefully motivate those around me to be not only their best but also to do their best for the glory of the Lord and in His service.  This includes my family and those closest to me.  Those I serve with in ministry.  My friends.  Those I love but live miles from me.  Even those who visit my blog.

How can I be an encourager? A motivator?  How can each of us provoke, excite and motivate those around us?  One of the best ways is by example. 

When my children were little people and I wanted to instill a good habit – anything from brushing their teeth to saying the blessing or respecting their dad – the easiest, and most effective, way to do that was to do so myself.  Similarly, I have several friends with a “no shoes in the house” policy.  We, on the other hand, wear our shoes at home.  However, when visiting a friend, I know when I should remove my shoes….because my friend removes her shoes.

If I want to motivate, encourage – to provoke – others to love and to good works…..I need to be doing just that myself.

STOP.  Today’s post is the first Five Minute Friday for 2018 and today’s prompt is MOTIVATE.  Writing for five minutes – unrehearsed and, for the most part, unedited.   I often have a hard time staying within five minutes but, as a good rule-follower, I do indicate when the time is finished.  I made the time today but my thoughts seem so scattered.  These posts are always a good challenge.  I want to be an encourager and God has used today’s word to prompt some self-examination.  Certainly, there is work to be done in the months ahead.

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  1. Great post! I quoted the same verse today! Being intentional about encouraging and motivating others is important and I agree, we need to lead by example.

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