I love the beginning of New Year…the sense of a new beginning or a fresh start. (Maybe that’s why I’ve always been a huge fan of Mondays!) And I love the idea of resolutions for a new year; however, I am surprised how often I hear people say they’ve given up on resolutions…”why bother when you will just fail in two weeks!”

I think the devil just might be thrilled if all us Christians didn’t even bother – didn’t bother to try and better our marriages…or didn’t bother to be more of the parent, sister or daughter that Christ would have us to be…or didn’t bother to examine our hearts and ask God to help us – ANEW – to be more like Him, to let our lives reflect His grace and goodness and to allow us opportunities to minister for Him in the year ahead.

I love the following quote from Dr. Bob Jones, Sr., which says:

It is no disgrace to fail;
It is a disgrace to do less than your best
In order to keep from failing!

Just as a toddler learning to walk is encouraged by her parents to get up again and keep trying after each tumble to the ground, our Heavenly Father not only is encouraging us to try again but is pleased when we do so. I think all of us should make some resolutions – or resolve to try again – and set some goals…and then use 2009 to “press toward the mark.” We may stumble or even fall, but that’s okay. That’s good place to pray – and then, try again!

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