No Unclaimed Gifts

Today. This day – another gift from the Lord. Filled with potential and gifts. Gifts from my Heavenly Father. But how often do those gifts unappreciated? Some are unappreciated because I have allowed myself to become accustomed to them. They are taken for granted. Yet, others are unappreciated because they are unclaimed. Never even accepted from the loving Father’s hand. How many do I leave unaccepted? What could this day look like? Feel like? How different could it be if I had simply stopped to acknowledge and commune with Jesus…and then accepted the gifts He had anticipated and planned to give?

This is not “just another Monday.” This is not 24 hours I have been given in order to simply fill time or to “check boxes”…but this is today. Another gift from God…filled with untold gifts and blessings, as well as opportunities.

All I need do is walk this day with Christ. Amazingly, He longs to walk with me!!

These are thoughts I jotted down several months ago – apparently on a Monday! – and tucked away.  I had planned to shape them into an actual, full post and then share them soon after writing them.  However, they were filed in my drafts folder and basically forgotten.  Perhaps “forgotten” for that time but brought to mind today.  I’m not exactly sure how but I know it was in God’s timing.  My soul has certainly been unsettled lately, if not completely troubled.  I notice evidence of this in so many ways – many of them of small and otherwise insignificant – but symptoms just the same.  For instance, I want to nap.  Not a big deal but I know that, typically, I never nap.  Don’t like to nap. I’m touchy, easily irritated, sarcastic, and too often feel angry for no reason.

Current events, society’s turmoil, constant anger, and condemnation – even among believers – all make me anxious, keep my thoughts troubled and my emotions all over the place.  It often starts at the beginning of the day. Before I am even out of bed.  And this ought not to be – because this day truly is another gift from the Lord.  I believed that truth when I wrote the words above and I still believe it, but I don’t always live it.

Trust in the Lord with all thine heart and lean not unto thine own understanding.  In all thy ways acknowledge him and he shall direct thy paths.  Proverbs 3:5-6

It is the leaning upon – depending on or trusting – my own understanding.  My own wisdom, judgment or perception.  That is where I go wrong.  Even if I am unable to make sense of situations and circumstances, I am often guilty of trying to control my own little world.  I not only try hard to put everything in order but then work even harder to keep it all together and in place.  All done with my own effort and through my own strength and understanding.  But, right in the middle of all that self-discipline and best efforts, I want another nap!  Keeping all my ducks in a row is tiring.  And it keeps me so drained, I miss even the simplest joys and the sweet gifts Christ has included in each day.

I want to not only walk with Christ each day…to follow on the paths where He leads…but to do so with confidence (not fear, dread, or even angst).  I want to anticipate, look for and then accept the good and gracious gifts that He offers each day!  I want to walk with Him and commune with Him.  What a change of perspective and attitude that would be!!  This post may well be a “note to self” reminder and encouragement.  But tuck it away and, perhaps, it will be a help to you one day down the road.  I pray the Lord will bring it to mind when you need it most.  Enjoy the gifts He offers today – and refuse to let even one good and gracious gift to go unaccepted!

9 thoughts on “No Unclaimed Gifts

  1. Jennifer, your thoughts reflect ones I’ve felt too. I want to dwell in the shadow of His wings and be bold as a lion and not shrink back from the shadows that threaten me.

  2. Oh I so needed to read these words today. As soon as I read you wanted to nap but you were not a napped I realized you were speaking my language. I will be reciting Trust in the Lord with all thine heart…to myself for the rest of the week. I start back to work on Monday and I feel not quite ready. This verse will help me through.

    1. Kara – thanks for stopping by! I will say a prayer as you head back to work. Praying all will go smoothly and God will bless with a good week!!

  3. I am experiencing some of the same ‘symptoms.’ Short tempered, tired, and I am not interested in things that I typically enjoy doing. And the nap thing? What is that about? I have wanted to nap every afternoon lately. So far I have given in only once, but it has been hard to resist that urge. I wake up in prayer and fall asleep praying. I think we are all just pretty much overwhelmed by life right now. And that is exhausting.

    1. Leslie, so glad to hear that I am not the only one! Had a great day yesterday…nap never even crossed my mind:) Thankful for good days and God’s grace! So glad you stopped by!!

  4. ” I want to anticipate, look for and then accept the good and gracious gifts that He offers each day! I want to walk with Him and commune with Him. What a change of perspective and attitude that would be!! ” Oh, amen! I have been hearing that phrase “change of perspective” in so many ways this week. May I allow the Lord to change my perspective, and see my days through His eyes. Thank you for these good words. Blessings to you!

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