Share Four Somethings: June 2020

Just like that – it is time for another Share Four Somethings.  Always a bit surprised how quickly another month comes to an end.  June has not been much more eventful than May, although things do seem a little bit more “back to normal” – minus everyone wearing a face mask.  I understand all the reasons (from statistics to compassion) but I still balk at wearing mine….and it does influence where I go and what I do.  Most often, I choose to stay at home….which has been nice too.  I like being at home.  I like it better when I choose to stay in rather than feeling like I’m on restriction.  Petty?  Maybe but I have felt better lately.  Enough with the commentary…here are this month’s thoughts with regards to the monthly link-up:  Share Four Somethings.

Something Loved.  These last few weeks have included several reconnections with friends that I have not seen in a while.  Chats over coffee, casual lunches here at the house and even lunch with a group.  In a restaurant!  Even with texting and other chats, getting together and talking (face to face) is just the best!  It does me good:)  I will admit I have not really missed restaurant fare – and it has proven underwhelming and disappointing – but I will put up with it just for the real social connection!!  I even got another pedicure…with a friend.  We talked for almost two hours (through our masks!!) I have also been loving summer’s scattered thunderstorms, so many pretty sunsets lately, extra time with the grandpuppies and zucchini.  All the zucchini!!

Something Read. I know a lot of folks love summer reading.  They have the extra time for it and/or enjoy reading by the pool, etc.  I’m not a super keen reader anyway but find that I am definitely more motivated, or enjoy reading a lot more, during the cold months – when I’m hunkered down.  In front of a fireplace.  I have two books I am currently trying my best to finish.  Not that they aren’t good reads.  It seems I just choose a hundred other things over reading – when given the chance.  The one book I have almost finished is Boring by Michael Kelly.  About “finding an extraordinary God in an ordinary life.”  Yep, that’s me.  Living an ordinary life – while loving and walking with an extraordinary God!!  This book resonated with me – and has been helpful and encouraging.  I really should finish it.  I also just started Becoming Sage by Michelle Van Loon.  So far, so good.  Again, I really should be more intentional about reading.

Something Treasured. Father’s Day. Last month, I said Mother’s Day.  Seems like a must-do to mention dad’s day as well – but last weekend really was extra special.  We were able to go to a restaurant.  Yeah.  The food was actually pretty good (but pricey) but the weather was perfect and we had a patio table.  On the waterfront.  It was a great evening.  My husband had crabcakes – which he loves and I do not make at home, so it has been a while.  He was a happy dad:)


Something Ahead. We are hoping to start making plans for an anniversary trip this fall.  No idea if where we will be able to travel or where things will be with quarantines or other restrictions.  The biggest factor, right now, is our passports.  Or lack thereof.  We sent our passports in for renewal.  About two weeks before the country shut down!  And now, it seems like they might be lost.  Or forgotten.  Or buried under four months of passports on the desk of someone still working from home.  I don’t know:(  But it has been impossible to try and get help – or even answers.  Not sure what to do there – but we sure would like to travel again.  We are moving forward with “reopening” and returning to business as usual…but we still have a ways to go!  I’m trying to be patient:)

10 thoughts on “Share Four Somethings: June 2020

  1. Sounds like we are quite far behind you in terms of easing restrictions here, but I agree, those times connecting with friends and family are so special after not being able to for so long. I hope you manage to get your passports sorted out and that your trip is able to go ahead.

  2. I’m the same way about the masks! I avoid wearing them as much as is possible but try very hard not to be obnoxious about it. LOL Hope those new passports show up soon – how frustrating to have that in limbo and not be able to get answers.

  3. I love staying home at too, and I share in your rebellion about like it more when you’re not told you have to stay put. I also share your opinion on the mask situation and will never get used to seeing people wear them. I wear one when places like Costco tell me I have to, because I’m a rule follower, but I don’t enjoy wearing it. It makes me hot and I have a hard time catching my breath. I live near Memphis, so our humidity is what makes it so bad. I love your list, though! I hope you had a great weekend!

    1. So many of us rule followers – with our gritted teeth. Behind the mask:) Thanks for stopping by…here’s to a great week ahead!!

  4. Oh, my, what a mess with your passports. Ours expire in July, I think, but I guess we should decide whether to try to renew them or just wait and start all over again when we need them to travel. Whenever that might be!

    We are having to wear masks everywhere we go now. And our cases went up almost 300 today. We slipped off to a restaurant several times recently but now with the large increase in cases and hospitalizations, we are back to home cooking.

    Stay safe and healthy!!

    1. Restaurant going is just not the same. Sigh. I’m combing through recipes – looking for inspiration. We will be eating at home as well!!

  5. I hope that your passport situation gets fixed soon. Where are you thinking about traveling (assuming there aren’t restrictions on American visitors)?

    1. At the top of our list is the UK – all of it:) – but not sure if we will be welcome. Sigh:( Would also love to visit New Zealand – but seems like a really long time in a plane just yet. Prince Edward Island would be lovely….. So many travel dreams!!

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