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Over the past couple weeks in Bible study, we have been studying the feasts. And as much as I love a good feast (just kidding), I must admit I was not really excited about this topic. I’m not exactly sure why – maybe it was too much of a history lesson and, unfortunately, I am not a “history appreciator” as I should be – but I just was not expecting to get a lot from this study. However, our teacher this semester is one of the best (!!) and she is great at making a practical application for our lives from each of the different Jewish feasts. I have learned so much!

I wanted to share just a bit (a small bit) about what I have been learning..not necessarily for the content itself but for two reasons: 1) to praise Him for teaching me, yet again, from His word and 2) to remind myself that every study of scripture (even those books of History :)) holds real nuggets of blessing if we will stick with it and dig a little deeper! Reading God’s word is, indeed, wonderful…..going further and studying the Word is amazing!!

The Passover….done as a memorial – so as to not forget the great acts of God. Once the Hebrew slaves were free, more than once they moaned to be back in Egypt…to be slaves again! As a Christian, I have been set free from so many things and, yet, sometimes, it is almost easier “to stay in bondage” because bondage can eliminate some of the fear of walking by faith and can even seem “secure”… least, that is what the devil would have us to believe. I want to remind myself often where God has brought me, what He has delivered from- and through- and the promise that He will continue with me for my entire journey toward the promised land!!

Feast of the Trumpet..the blowing of the trumpets meant several things to the Jews – the gathering of an assembly, a battle alarm, and the crowning of a king. This feast was the only feast to occur on the first of the month (or a new moon) and watchers were placed to witness the new moon and the pilgrims were to be ready as no one knew the exact day the feast would take place. (Sounds familiar, right?) In the same way that the Jews were to be prepared, armed for battle and ready to proclaim a king….I want to be ready and watching, willing to battle my enemy, and ever proclaiming Christ the Lord of my life!!

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