Of Elephants, Bees and Honey

Honey.  There is no denying it…I really (really!) enjoy honey.  I also have been working hard to get back to a sugar-free diet since the beginning of the month.  Truthfully, I do not miss much.  Do not even really miss cookies…or other after-dinner treats like I thought I might.  But, honey.  I am not going to lie.  I do miss honey.  As we close out this first month of 2022, I was thinking about where there have been struggles.  Struggles with regards to the new year goals or resolutions…or any other struggles.  Honestly, honey kept coming to mind:)

In an effort to encourage myself, I tried to redirect my thoughts and opened my Bible.  Honey is mentioned in numerous places throughout scripture.  I once thought I would love to have a “honey” themed wall in my office (yes, I really do enjoy my honey!) and, although the wall never came together, I do have several prints, etc that were gifted to me in anticipation of office decor.  Several come from one verse, in particular.

Psalm 119:103 “How sweet are Your words to my taste! Yes, sweeter than honey to my mouth!

My but words are powerful.  Yes, God’s word (His words.  Scripture) is so powerful.  So completely transforming, life-changing as well as life-sustaining.  But what about our words?  Not only the words that I speak but those that are spoken to me.  Just a few small words can make such a difference.  Leave such an impact.  Words can comfort and encourage.  Words can bring peace and convey love.  My words have the potential to do that (and more) for others.  Of course, I have also had (just a few short) words that made me feel unworthy, unappreciated, or unaccepted.  Words that created anxiety, angst or even worse.  And my words are capable of doing the same.

Have you ever heard that elephants are afraid of bees?  Could the enormous and powerful elephant really be wary of, even afraid of, the little buzzing bee?  After some research, it seems that, apparently, they are….at least to the point of avoiding them at just about all cost.  Maybe not one single bee, but certainly large beehives or bee colonies.  In fact, strategically placed beehives strung on wires are used in Africa to protect entire villages from intruding pachyderms!  Who knew….but let’s be honest, I would avoid that bee swarm at all costs too!!  Pretty smart elephant, if you ask me. (But, I digress.)

The little bee can really be that impactful.  That tiny insect can so strongly influence the huge elephant.  My words can be like honey.  Sweet (pun completely intended), desirable, as well as delightful.  But I must be aware of “the bees” in my vocabulary.  The words that sting (enough already!!) and hurt.

Of course, I know bees make the honey.  Bees are my friends:)  Do your thing, my little buzzing friends.  But I respect you and will be on guard.  In like manner, Psalm 141:3 says, “Set a guard, O LORD, over my mouth; Keep watch over the door of my lips.”  And those are just a few of my rambling thoughts on this random Wednesday.  I’d love to know – do you love honey?

8 thoughts on “Of Elephants, Bees and Honey

  1. I am not a huge honey fan but I do use it in several dishes where the recipe includes honey as part of a sauce (usually in Asian foods) so I always keep it on hand. Words are so powerful! I can recall only a few instances of my childhood very clearly and most of those instances include emotionally charged words spoken to me (some very positive words and some negative ones). I love to see bees among flowers and veggies in the garden that need bees for pollination. But I was not a fan of them before becoming a gardener :).

    1. Not a fan of honey? How is that possible:) Just kidding…but it is quite delish in Asian recipes!! I enjoy watching the bees hard at work in the flower beds, too – and thought I was the only one!!

  2. I should follow your good lead and try to limit (can’t imagine eliminating) sugar. I think I will start this new month to do better. I used to make Saturdays my sweet days. After Weight Watcher weigh-in in the morning. Will try to get back to that. I do like honey, too. And use it to sweeten instead of sugar when I can.

    Isn’t it amazing how we can carry kind words and hurtful words in our hearts forever? Words can be so powerful. When my daughters would lash out as teenagers, I would tell myself it was just hormones, their ages, the time of the month. And those angry words were easier to forget. But living with an abusive husband for years, I can still hear his critical words in my ears.

    Thank you for this food for thought. Will try to mind my tongue and the sugar that I put on it!!

    1. Always so glad to see a note from you! Hope your week is going well…and that Mr. Declan is already growing like a champ!!

  3. I actually do not honey and rarely use it at all (but I do keep some on hand for those occasional recipes that call for it).

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