Over At the Well today, the discussion is about being a friend with our husband. I thought about this quite a bit last night and then saw this morning, today’s writer had chosen the same verse I had in mind – but that certainly wasn’t planned and I’ll share my thought anyways.

My husband certainly is my friend….we have many of the same interests and have a good time enjoying them together (even antiquing!!) We share goals, and hopes and dreams. We like talking and laughing….or just being together. However, the verse that “jumped out” at me when thinking about friendships was not one I expected.

Proverbs 27:17 “Iron sharpeneth iron…”

Websters says that to sharpen is to make more effective. According to this passage, as my friend, my husband can make me a better me!! Yes, he does compliment me but I think this verse means more than that. He knows me better than any of my other friends….he knows my heart and, therefore he is best able to (sweetly) criticize my faults, expose wrong motives or hidden agendas, and strengthen my weaknesses – assuming, I will allow him.

To be sure, I don’t often want to be exposed and/or critiqued – but I do want to be sharpened…and made more effective. Who better to help me, in love, to do so?? One of the keys here is iron with iron….two of the same. My husband and I have very different personalities. We have different backgrounds and family histories – and we look at life through different colored glasses, to be sure. But we are both born-again believers and, therefore, share the same Bible perspective. Knowing this, allows me to trust my husband’s “sharpening” to be for my good.

How grateful I am for a Christian husband…and, yes, even for those times of beneficial “sharpening” …..although, I really do prefer our shared antiquing trips!!

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  1. What a great verse to share for today’s topic. What great points also that we are sharpened by our mates, with love, for our better! Thanks for sharing today.

  2. Jennifer–I just read your son’s testimony on your sidebar—brought me to tears…Yes–I am thankful of that confidence as well! My sister waits for me there!

    I do hope you can come to the retreat! I will post more information soon!

  3. Hi Jennifer!
    It is never easy to hear criticism, but when it’s done in the right manner and from a point of love, it provides us an opportunity to learn more about ourselves. I agree with you, however…I think I’d choose an antiquing trip, anyday! 🙂

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