Striving for No Regrets

No reserves.  No retreats.  No regrets. I referenced this quote, from William Borden, several years ago in this post.  It is one of my favorite quotes (and one I can actually remember – which is saying something!)  On Tuesday, I posted a bit more about regrets and my desire to learn from..and the move past…my… Read More Striving for No Regrets

Five Minute Friday

Considering My Why?

Sacrifice.  That is today’s Five Minute Friday prompt – and one that takes my thoughts into many different directions.  I’m sure I could write much more than five minutes would allow; however, that somewhat defeats the goal of this weekly link-up.  Yes, I express my thoughts on a topic, but FMF is also a mental… Read More Considering My Why?


Currently: January 2020

Currently.  I enjoy this monthly link-up but I missed joining the party in January.  But I can still get my “currently” thoughts into a post.  If just for the sake of remembering.  And I need all the help I can find with remembering anything these days.  I will catch the actual link-up next month –… Read More Currently: January 2020

Five Minute Friday

My Way…or His?

I have a fairly good sense of direction.  For the most part, if I have been somewhere once, I can get there again.  And, almost certainly, I can retrace my route and get myself home after I’ve traveled somewhere new.  This “little skill” has helped me numerous times and has not only given me confidence… Read More My Way…or His?

Tell His Story

Looking for Open Doors

Resolutions.  You either love them or hate them.  And, apparently, whichever opinion you have….feelings can be strong!  However, even those who shun resolutions often embrace goals, themes or words for the year that help them focus.  Very similar – but somehow different.  Just what is it that makes us hesitant to formulate resolutions? Or goals?… Read More Looking for Open Doors


A New Word for 2020

Welcome, 2020!!  I love beginnings.  The beginning of a new week (yes..Mondays!).  The beginning of a new project, a new chapter, a new season, a new month or even a new series.  The beginning of a new day is the absolute best:)  I am a lover of mornings!!  The expectancy that comes with the new… Read More A New Word for 2020