Five Minute Friday

Not Again?!?

GiddyUp Junction….that’s where I’ve been all week.  It has been VBS week at our church.  Seems a bit late in the season but it was a good way to finish up the summer and prepare for the new school year – which is, somehow, already here.   The theme, this year, was cowboy/western and took place… Read More Not Again?!?

Tell His Story

Two Special Birthdays

The full spectrum of life.  Both ends.  I posted yesterday that, over the weekend, I had celebrated both.  A girlfriend’s new grandbaby and a friend’s 90th birthday!  Maybe it was because they were back to back, but the two events definitely caused me to get reflective.  Both are poignant reminders.   One the prospect of an… Read More Two Special Birthdays


My Earliest Memory

It seems a bit paradoxical…but as the years accumulate, along with their life experiences and memories…well, the less I can remember.  All the memories I would have if I simply could remember them all!  Or even most.  But for every fresh memory made, I seem to lose one.  Or two. But I still can vividly… Read More My Earliest Memory