Five Minute Friday

Not Just Another Day

“Just another day at the office.”  Although typically used rather sarcastically when something absurd or ridiculous happens, it also infers to the not-so-surprising or routine things of a day.  And not just “at the office” but wherever you spend the majority of your day…and whatever makes up your routine.  Another stack of papers to grade. … Read More Not Just Another Day

Tell His Story

Happy Easter – 2020

Happy Easter weekend – and Resurrection Sunday!! As I only post on Tuesday and Friday, let me take the chance now to wish everyone a happy and blessed Easter.  Yes, we will all be celebrating uniquely this year, but, oh, the quarantine has not stopped Easter.  Christ’s resurrection is still true and the foundation of… Read More Happy Easter – 2020


Taco Soup and Cookies

Something a bit different today.  So much has been shared and said…and I have been blessed.  But my brain, sometimes, feels on overload.  When I need a break, I usually head to the kitchen:)  Cooking for my family is relaxing and comforting.  Not only does it feel “normal” but it gives me a sense of… Read More Taco Soup and Cookies

Five Minute Friday

Don’t Quit Now

What now?  I’m sure many of us are beginning to ask ourselves this question…or something similar to it.  Instead of a glimpse of the proverbial “light at the end of the tunnel,” this week many of us saw restrictions tighten and a much longer quarantine than we could imagine become a reality.  The “new normal”… Read More Don’t Quit Now


Currently: April 2020

March is in the books but, truthfully, I think we are far from putting March behind us.  So much of all that described this past month – the emotions, the challenges, the adjustments, the feelings and situations we have experienced during the last fifteen days (or so) – will not only move forward with us… Read More Currently: April 2020