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THANKFUL THURSDAY – but, before I get to my post, just a reminder that tomorrow is Friday with Friends …. a chance for me to “sit and chat” with all my blogging friends. We will all be talking about and remembering a favorite teacher or maybe one who had a tremendous impact on us. I hope everyone will join in – I plan to grab a cup of tea and enjoy a glimpse in each of your’s past:) Be sure to let me know if you joined in the chat…so I can link in your post. If you don’t have that specific post – come join us anyway!!

This Thursday, I am thanking the Lord for my sweet, senior friends – Paul and Nellie. I have mentioned them both here several times but especially Nellie, lately, as she has been in the hospital for over two weeks now. What a treasure both of these special people are individually…and especially as a couple. They have been married over 63 years (that’s an entire Thankful Thursday post all by itself!) They have known joy and sorry, prosperity and struggles, great health and youth, as well as declining health and old age. But they have faced it all together.

I love to hear their stories! It has not been until these last (latter) years that we became friends when Paul and Nellie began attending our church. How I wish I could have known them longer. But, we have enjoyed many afternoons together and they have shared memories a many – so cute to listen to them tell a story as they fill in the blanks for one another and finish each other’s thoughts/sentences! They truly “have become one” and it warms my heart.

These last months – maybe more – they have both faced tremendous health struggles. Their physical strength is declining. There have also been disappointments, even heartbreak, over loved ones, financial burdens, tremendous family burdens and, seemingly, trial upon trial. But, at the end of the day, they have one another. No matter what life may have in store, it all comes down to their mutual love for their Lord and their love for one another.

On Sunday after church, we took Paul to the hospital. He was so tired. We decided to find a wheelchair to get him upstairs to Nellie’s room – he didn’t even argue. To see both of their faces light up as Paul made it to the room…worth a million bucks! To watch Paul shuffle to Nellie’s side – past wheelchairs and walkers and bedside commodes – and ever so precariously lean over to share a sweet kiss….priceless!

These two not only share a sweet testimony – but are a sweet testimony to me! God has granted me a rich blessing getting to them and allowing me the times we spend together. If you think of them, please say a prayer for both of them:)

2 thoughts on “Priceless Friends

  1. Oh Jennifer what a sweet post. I know just what you mean about soo enjoying listening to the wisdom and stories that come from someone who has seen soo much life. Priceless. And 63 years wonderful is that..I love what you have done to your blog. Looks good. Wish I could join in tomorrow. Sounds right up my alley. Thank you soo much for the prayers and support. It means more to me than you know. Have a wonderful day. HUGS to you, Debbie

  2. Hi Jen! I have spent the last 20 minutes reading your blog and catching up on all the posts I was behind on!!

    The cute couple you described sound absolutely ADORABLE and so super sweet!! I seriously can't believe they've been married 63 years. Bob and I have been married 6 years this Saturday and although it seems like a long time already, it ain't NOTHIN (hee-hee) compared to 63 years!! That's really cool 🙂 I bet they have lots of cute stories and things to share.

    It's sad to say but I don't even KNOW anyone who's been married for like, 40 years. Isn't that crazy? Today's society is sooooo all about divorce. Yeesh.

    Anyways, hope you have a good weekend Jen and talk to ya later!



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