So, I did promise pictures of our latest fun purchase….which, somehow, seem a bit petty to me. Perhaps I feel this way after the messages from yesterday at church – I’m not really sure. Our pastor finished a series about the end times with a sermon about Heaven. Heaven. A topic so dear to every Christian heart, I suppose, but even more so when “part of your heart” is there. It was a message filled with hope and encouragment; yet, for some reason, I have been so heavy hearted since then.

I LOVE – that Tyler is there…and experiencing all that awaits us in Heaven.
I HATE – that Tyler is there…without us.

I LOVE – the assurance that we will know (and be known) – and long to see Tyler once again.
I HATE – the possibility of more separation here in order to gain Heaven.

It is hard to explain. However, I suppose even the apostle Paul felt this total mix of emotions….desiring Heaven, yet torn. Enough with my feelings for the day. I did say I would have pictures……..

TA DA…we (finally) bought a pool table. We like to think of it as “big kid” fun. Mind you, I have NO idea how to play pool but we have already had alot of fun trying to learn something about the game. I do know that whenever my husband scratches on the last eight ball – I win!! I might still have all my balls on the table – but I win!! We have wanted a pool table for quite awhile but had zero room for it in our other house so we are excited to get one…and look forward to a lot of fun when everyone is home! (My Jordan is really good at this game!!)
I would actually have more pictures but WHY is loading photos from blogger so time consuming and frustrating?!?!? Does anyone else have this problem? I want to place them in a certain place in the post but, oh no, they place themselves wherever they want!! UGH. My hats off to those of you who can post zillions of beautiful photos in a single post. I’d be here all day. But you got the idea:)

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  1. First of all I think I do understand your combination of feelings towards heaven. I think we all feel that way to one degree or another. But the important thing is, He understands and "gets us" and that is all that really matters. And how fun on your pool table. We had one at our house all the years my boys were growing up. It was wonderful. Soo much of the time it was a drawing card for all the teen-agers to gather at our house, which while wild at times was really good. I knew where they were and what they were all doing, haha I never did play very well either, but we have some real players at our house. We got rid of it eventually as it sat unused too much after the boys all moved out eventually, (and takes up soo much space as you know) but it brought years and years of pleasure for sure. And I have a feeling it is the first place they'd all gather to this day if we still had one. They all play ping pong now, but I think it is because my boys are all obsessed with beating Mel, which not one of them can do, haha. Something about your little sister beating them they just can't take. Very competitive family over here, but all in good fun. I KNOW you'll enjoy that for sure. Have a wonderful day.

  2. Jennifer,

    I agree with you on the loading pictures! I have to get my 15 year old daughter to help!

    But, they do add so much, don't they!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and sharing your thoughts. This is a cool, new world for me. I really enjoy hearing/reading all that is going on in other women's lives!

    Thanks for sharing your heart and talking about your struggles. I'm refreshed by your honesty!

    Blessings to you,

  3. My husband is an awesome pool player, but we don't have a pool table. He plays on a pool league at the Elk's Club. I don't play. Your table is really pretty. I'm sure you will enjoy it. I understand your feelings about heaven. We have a special person in heaven too and the anniversary date is coming up in March. 5 years! It is still so hard being here without him, yet I am so happy that he is in heaven celebrating with Jesus. I find comfort in the fact that I will be there one day too. Love & blessings from NC!

  4. Hi Jen! I have been on this computer ALL afternoon while Riley was napping and now all evening just working and studying Microsoft Access. YUCK I don't like it! So with that being said, I'm too tired to do my blog tonight so I figured I would really quick say "hi" and that "I love you."

    Bob absolutely LOVES pool and knows lots of fun games and all the little rules too. He will LOVE that thing! We didn't have any room in our house after I got married to him so I convinced him that it had to go! He was not too happy to say the least. But now the living room is the baby play area SOOOO as you can see, it was a good idea 🙂

    Love ya!


  5. Hi, Jennifer,

    Just getting around to blogging~since Friday! Anyway, all during that message Sunday morning, I was thinking about you, my brother and sister-in-law, Amanda and Justin…and what a blessed hope we have. I don't think you're crazy~just longing for Heaven.

    The pool table looks great! I know you all will have a lot of fun around it!

    As for pictures on Blogger, I sometimes struggle with them, too. I often have to go into the "edit html" section which is right next to the "compose" section and figure out all that mumbo jumbo and then I can move them around. In fact, I've started thinking about what order I want the pictures to be in, and then start uploading them at the end and go backwards. So the last picture I upload is actually the first picture on the blog…I don't know if that helps any or not. 🙂

  6. Hi Jenn,
    Wow, what a nice pool table, that will be loads of fun for you and the
    kids when they visit, or company too.
    Blogger is slow at downloading but you know what I do… I load one and then go do something for 10 mins, then load another and leave again for 10 mins. that way I am not sitting here wasting time. Also make sure you have your cursor where you want the pic downloaded. I didn't know that and hubby told me that was what I was doing wrong.
    Thanks for sharing your new fun with us!!
    Hope you have a great day in spite of your feelings. I think when we are younger there is more of a struggle about that but the older you get and the more aches and pains you have the better it sounds, and especially when most of your loved ones are there too.
    So time will change that!!
    Blessings hon, Nellie

  7. I have mixed feelings also of heaven. But more happy ones than not so happy. It's just that we don't understand the why's of life and why things happened the way they did, but as that old song says, "We'll understand it better by and by" and we will. When we all get to heaven, we'll see everything through God's eyes and be able to understand why things have happened as they did. I'm so sorry for your loss and the pain you struggle through. Must have been hard for you with those sermons.

    Love your pool table!!!

  8. What truth you shared through your pain about heaven. The head kownledge along with the truth of the heart. Although I cannot fully understand the grief on a child going on to heaven before me, your thoughts surely make sense.

    The pool table is great! My family would be so jealous, except for me, I stink at pool!!

    I recently downloaded Window Live Writer. You may do a google seach "adding pictures with Windows Live Writer" to find out more info. I love this program! It is free and easy to use with lots of simple actions like choosing the size of your photos, borders, and you can even do some basic corrections/enhancements. And it loads your pictures FAST!!! Email me if you have any questions, but I have been using if for about a month and am very happy with what it does for my pictures!

  9. Hi Sweet Friend,
    Saw you came by and so glad you liked the magazine and got a subscription, don't think you will
    be disappointed. I am really enjoying it. I have read about 5 articles now, very interesting and encouraging. I have decided to read it slowly so it will last till the next one comes out. I hate it is only quarterly, but we will really be happy when it comes.
    Yea, you are right where do you ever see a statement of faith in any other magazine or site.
    That is so neat! I used to love Today's christian woman when it first came out, but it just got thinner and thinner and was pretty expensive and I wasn't finding the articles to be all that great so I quit subscribing. I don't even know if they have it anymore. I really like to support that cause we need more great reading like that and especially that it is coupled with some decorating and craft ideas too. That's like a double header for me!! lol
    Have a great evening hon,
    Blessings, Nellie

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