Three Things in June

This is my third “three things” list.  Does that make it an official “monthly” post?  Well, I’m not sure…but I thought I would, at least, log another one this month.  I am behind on responding to comments.  Sorry about that but I did mention I thought a tough week was ahead – and I was not wrong.  But I still wanted to connect with my internet friends.  Each of you really are an encouragement!  With that….Happy Wednesday and let me know something that has brought you joy this week!

Three things that brought me joy this week
1. Our sweet (grand)puppies:)
2. Dinner with my brother (to wish him Happy Father’s Day) and finding the last table on the patio.
3. The amazing weather – unseasonably cool and such a refreshing break from last week.

Three things I neglected this week
1. Sending two cards that I purchased.  Still sitting right here on my desk.
2. Planning a decent Father’s Day meal.  Sad, but true.
3. Sunscreen.

Three things I nailed this week
1. Drinking all my water.  So much water!
2. Exercise.  I even increased my distance.  Go me.
3. The color I chose for my hair. (I do it myself.) I may have found the perfect one!

Three things I’ve tried recently
1. Essential oil on my dryer balls.  It does nothing.
2. Anything to make my breakfast eggs not so boring.  Minimal success.  Very minimal.
3. Getting to the library to pick up my holds.  They have been closed – twice – when the website indicates they are open.  Grrr.

Three house things I hate doing
1. Mopping the floors.  (Should have included this on the neglected list above.)
2. Cleaning the blinds.  But, we are working our way through each room.  So.many.blinds.
3. Ironing.

Three things I wear all the time
1. Earrings.  Will turn around if I head out and have forgotten them.
2. Mascara and eyeliner.
3. Flats (as in all my shoes have no heel).

Three things I never wear
1. Jeans. Or denim at all, actually.  I have one denim jacket but it looks terrible on me.
2. Hats.
3. Belts.

Three books on my nightstand to be read
1. Choose to See by Mary Beth Chapman.  Free at the thrift store.  It’s older but still good.
2. On Thin Icing by Ellie Alexander.  The third in a series I recently discovered.
3. Undistracted: capture your purpose, rediscover your joy by Bob Goff.

Three things on my mind
1. Our senior grandpup.  She is not well.
2. The prospect of our son coming back to Virginia at summer’s end.  Enough of Alaska.
3. A few house projects…including the continued search for our “perfect” paint color.

Three things I’m looking forward to 
1. Seeing Jordan again.
2. A few musicals (three actually) I will be seeing over the summer.  I do love musicals!
3. Several weddings to attend this summer, too.

Thanks for reading along!  I hope you are looking forward to some fun things this summer as well.  Come back on Friday for Share Four Somethings!!

8 thoughts on “Three Things in June

  1. I love these types of posts. I’ll share three things that you may not know about me. (It’s hard to keep coming up with original blog content, because I share everything!)

    1. I detest mopping our floors! I’d rather spot clean them. This is, in part, due to to our dogs. Why mop when they keep messing them up with prints from when they go out each morning? I don’t see the purpose.
    2. I am an introvert through and through, though I don’t actually mind being around people or doing things that put me “front and center” sometimes, like when I sing on our praise team. I guess they call that an extroverted introvert? I also have the gift of being able to start or keep a discussion going…which helps me as a small group leader at church.
    3. I used to dress so differently! As recently as five years ago, all I ever wore was pants or shorts with t-shirts. Most of them came from being a youth volunteer at church! I remember a friend at church started making videos to help her sell jewelry for a living and she started giving pointers on how to dress. It’s like a light went off and I’ve never worn a t-shirt since! I don’t think I even own one. I dress the same all the time, no matter where I’m going. There is little to no distinction between my normal and church clothes, because our church is casual. I suppose all this happened when I turned 40, and decided I wanted to look a certain way.

    Thinking of you, sweet friend. Much love.

    1. So many cute T-shirts these days. I see them all the time and think I would look cute, too, wearing them. Wrong. They just don’t work for me!?! Hope you are having a great day!!

  2. This was fun to read! I’m sorry you’re having a rough week and hope that the next one is better. You have some great things coming up this summer- the best one being your son moving closer to home. (Maybe you can squeeze in a trip to Alaska to see him before he moves!) It’s super interesting to me to read what people like and don’t like- turning around for earrings- I love it!! And I say that as someone who rarely wears earrings. I just appreciate your dedication to what is important to you ;). I am with you on eyeliner and mascara! Good luck with your house projects. Update us when you can or are willing to, lol. Have a great day, friend!

    1. Oh, I would love to squeeze in a trip. Maybe, just maybe. And, truthfully, there is no way to go throughout the day without mascara and eyeliner:) So glad you stopped by, Maria!

  3. We have mini blinds in every room. Wish we had opted for the nicer wide wooden blinds but we didn’t. I hate cleaning these things. Try to do it twice a year. When the girls were little we took them out in the driveway and scrubbed them with a brush and soapy water. My daughters hated that.

    Interesting that you don’t wear denim. I didn’t wear denim or pants, really, for years. Just because I was so self-conscious about how I perceived I looked in pants. All those wasted years of worrying about my size when I wasn’t heavy at all. I wear jeans and pants nowadays without much thought. Never ever look at my behind in the mirror!!

    Hope your grandpup can rally or at least be comfortable and free of pain. I am worried about one of our kitties. But I don’t know which one to be worried about. Someone is really leaving big puddles in the litter box. I can never catch them to see who it is but afraid we may have some kidney issues developing.

    Hoping your son can figure out the best thing for his future. Alaska or home or maybe a third option? I think for this minute, my daughters and their families are somewhat situated and for today everyone is healthy. Seems someone is almost always sick!!

    1. What great advice…never, ever look at your behind in a mirror! I’m taking that one to the bank!! Thanks, friend!!

  4. My son got his license on Monday so we bought a new car on Tuesday (for me; not for him!)- those two things simultaneously brought me joy and stress! LOL We also got to squeeze in a visit with my uncle who was up visiting from Florida and I hadn’t seen him in nearly 6 years so it was wonderful to spend an evening with him. He could not get over the fact that all 3 of my boys are now much taller than him.

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