Share Four Somethings: October 2020

To say I am enjoying this fall would be an understatement.  Well, the weather.  For sure and of course.  It doesn’t hurt that it has been unseasonably warm and lovely.  In other ways, it has been a month of challenge – of ups and downs…as I mentioned on my Instagram.  The exercise of joining Heather for a monthly Share Four Somethings seems like a good idea.  To look past the struggles and reflect on all the blessings.  And, yes, there have been many but how easy it is to lose perspective.  That said, here are this month’s thoughts regarding Share Four Somethings.

Something Loved. Dare I say…date nights??  I know that date nights are quite the trendy thing to do.  And I understand the idea that drives the trend – purposely making time just for you and your husband.  Staying friends.  Having fun and making each other a priority.  I’m for all of that but, as retired folks who spend lots of time together etc etc, we have never really thought of ourselves as having a date night.  We’re not exactly old but definitely not “trendy,” I suppose.  However, we recently started joining some friends every Friday night for a fun evening out.  We’ve been trying new restaurants and just looking forward to a fun evening at the end of the week.  It has been a lot of fun.  Maybe I can start referring to them as double dates – and we will be trendy!!:) Ok, maybe not but we’ve been loving them just the same.

A few other things I am loving: this weather!  Did I already mention that?  So many squash recipes.  And the crockpot!  I use the crockpot all the time during the fall and winter.  Is it crockpot…or slow cooker?  Is there a difference??  Hmm –

Something Read. Last month, I was so please with myself that I had actually read not one – but two – books.  Ha.  Well, that didn’t last.  I have not read a complete book this month – which is much more typical for me.  I did follow along with Quortney and her Bible study on modesty.  I used to think music was the “touchy subject” among Christians.  Apparently, modesty seems to push all the buttons.  I’m not sure if that is surprising, alarming or discouraging.  Or all three.  But the book we used was full of good thoughts to consider as well as Bible wisdom.  You can check it out more on her Instagram.

Something Treasured. Friendships are all unique.  Special and as individual as the friends themselves.  Like most of us, I have all sorts of friends and friendships…including a few that have lasted the test of time.  A few friendships that have lasted over 30 years – and a couple even longer!  Two of those friendships, in particular, have been an extra blessing to me this month.  This month of ups and downs.  During some of the more down days, just connecting with these friends has been so good.  Nothing deep…but just laughing, chatting, a little retail therapy:) and more laughing.  Friends that just get me.  They are good for my soul!  If you have such a friend (or two), be sure to tell them what a gift they are to you!!  Just sayin:)

Something Ahead. I am beginning a new (to me) ministry at church.  Teaching Junior Church.  For years, I worked in the children’s ministry (at our previous church) but had “retired” several years ago.  I truly thought my days working with the little guys were behind me.  Apparently not.  Not only was I asked to help out as we begin to bring back children’s classes (since covid) but I am actually quite excited about it. (yes, it was surprising even to me!) God has put a fresh excitement in my heart and I really am looking forward to Sunday morning.

One bonus “something ahead” – the election is almost over.  I have no idea if that is a good thing or a troubling thing.  No idea what the results will mean for our country.  For our churches, our homes, and our families.  But I’m ready to, at least, get the election done.  The time to pray is now….not after the fallout begins.  And it will begin.  Sigh.

5 thoughts on “Share Four Somethings: October 2020

  1. I love all of your somethings. How exciting for a new area of ministry! That sounds like so much fun, and something you’ll be great at. I hope you have a great weekend!

    ps. The whole “date night” trend bugs me, but we just got home from one. I get tickled when people with no kids in the house call it date night…isn’t that every night for them? Lol. I’m so picky.

  2. I, too, am ready to be done with the election ads, relentless texts, and flyers. I’m glad that you have a double date on the regular. We don’t get dates often (smallish kids and no babysitter during covid) and even fewer opportunities to hang out with others (new to area and covid), so celebrate this blessing. 🙂

  3. First of all, so enjoyed SEEING and HEARING you today. You are more outgoing than I imagined. And I think I finally understand that you live very near Washington, D.C. and not in Colorado at all!! Ha!

    Look at you kids having double dates. Glad you have friends to go out with. I really wish we did. My sister and her husband have some really good times with a gang of friends from their neighborhood.

    Congratulations on accepting a new ministry at church. I worked for a very short time in our nursery. It was a lot of fun but I am still a ‘young’ or new, I guess, Christian and felt like I really needed to be in church rather than caring for the littles.

  4. I started adding more soups into our weekly menu. Fall is the season for comfort foods! With so many lovely varieties of squash this time of year, I really wish I liked squash more! Happy fall to you!

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