Share Four Somethings: September 2022

Thank you for showing up and taking a moment to visit – even on a Saturday!  I don’t typically post on Saturdays but this past week has been anything but typical.  I already rambled about that here.  I did not want to miss linking up with Heather this month….as September is just about my most favorite of months.  (I believed already mentioned that as well.)  This month has been everything I remember wonderful about September – minus a few (or five) days of the flu but even that has not changed my mood about this gorgeous month!  So, it is time to Share Four Somethings.  How will I only share four??  Let’s see…….
Something Loved
Some of September’s highlights included our anniversary, our daughter’s birthday, and remembering our sweet Tyler’s birthday as well.  Tyler would have turned thirty this week.  THIRTY.  (For those who are new here, Tyler is our youngest son and is now in Heaven.)  Honestly, it is hard for me to wrap my thoughts (and my heart) around that fact.  My boy who was just barely a teenager the last time I held him here on earth would now be a man of 30.  And how could I possibly be old enough to have three children in their 30s??  Truthfully!   I received one of the sweetest packages on Tuesday.  A girlfriend sent me – well, all of us – a birthday party in a box.  Actually, we received two boxes.  One was filled with everything (and I do mean everything) we needed to celebrate and remember such a special day.  There were candles, favors, funny birthday glasses, and even gift bags (and small gifts) for each of us.  The box was packed with so much love (and goodies), it was overwhelming.  The second box included – wait for it – a cake!!  Yep, mailed right to our door.  To say it was something loved is an understatement.  It was a gift to our hearts….and a specific answer to prayer.  God is so good!!
Something Gleaned
This month also included our church’s annual fall revival.  Last year’s revival, at this time of year, our church had a covid outbreak and we were not able to meet in person.  Was that just a year ago?  Once things get “back to normal,” it is interesting how quickly we can take them for granted.  This week of revival was a good reminder for me…..meeting together with my church family, worshipping together and all the freedoms that go with that are not privileges and blessings to take for granted.  Things can change quickly and far too easily.
Unfortunately, my flu began just as the revival was getting started.  I was thankful for live stream.  I will admit, I can be (um, have been) critical of live stream but found myself very grateful for it this week.  Humbling when that happens.  The messages were quite powerful and having the evening alone – just me and the Lord – as I watched the services online actually became an unanticipated blessing.  That said, I truly hope I can get back to church tomorrow!
There were several quotes from the evangelist that really stuck with me.  Without extra commentary from me, I will leave you with one.  Think about it for a while.  It really is powerful (and true). God does not call lazy people.  He calls busy people.
Something Saved

Again, I like this part of the link-up.  It’s interesting to look through my recent photos….and see what I was thinking (needing to remember) and/or some of the things I’ve already forgotten about.  For instance, the fun church picnic we had at the beginning of the month.  Was that really this month?  Why, yes.  It was the Labor Day picnic and a beautiful day it was!!  Hello September!  We still have the huge empty spots in our front flowerbeds.  No need to reshare those photos but we hope to remedy that in the next week or two.  We are not quick with decisions around here!  I also came across this photo of some sweet and very unexpected souvenirs my husband received from friends at church.  German chocolates and Canadian cookies.  There is nothing left by the photos!  Of course, if I’m scrolling photos on my phone… can be sure there is also one (or twenty) of the dog!!:)   (I’ll stick that one below!)


Something Achieved
As usual, I ask myself at the end of each month – exactly what did I achieve? Never quick with an answer here.  However, I did start a new Bible study.  At a church I have never attended.  Where I did not know one lady before I walked through the door.  I have even – for the most part – stayed on track with the at-home work each week.  Granted, I have yet to contribute during the table discussions but that will come.  Probably.  Unfortunately, this week was only week two and I already missed a session.  I will admit, there was a quick moment (or two) where I thought it was “a sign” to simply move on.  I don’t really feel invested yet but I have committed to continuing and, hopefully, I can find my place again quickly.
I would love to hear about something you have gleaned this month.  Have you taken note of any interesting or thought-worthy quotes?   I always enjoy your comments and I appreciate everyone’s patience with my “off” schedule this week.  Here’s to a great weekend ahead and a new month right around the corner.  Find the rest of the link-up here.

8 thoughts on “Share Four Somethings: September 2022

  1. I have tears in my eyes, Jennifer, over your sweet friend’s gift of love to your family. Happy Anniversary! I’m sad to hear of your son’s home-going, Jennifer, and I pray you continue to know the Lord’s comforting Presence as you remember Tyler. I’m sad to hear you had the flu, but I’m so glad you were able to participate in your church’s revival via livestream. It is such a blessing to have that option when we are unable to attend in person. I’m thankful for calendars and photos that remind us of what we have done. Ha!

  2. Jennifer, such a bittersweet birthday celebration, but so wonderful for your friend to remember this special moment for you! LOved that you started a new bible study in a church you never atended, sounds like something braved to me!!

  3. The party box is a fun idea! I’m sorry you’ve been unwell but I hope you’re back to full strength soon. Well done for going along to the Bible study and committing to continue – it’s definitely a brave thing to do when you don’t know anyone.

  4. Sounds like you are blessed with some great friends. I think it is incredibly brave to go to a Bible study in a church where you do not know anyone. I hope you are able to brave discussions and make some friends!

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