Some Cards Make You Cry……Laughing!

If two siblings live in different states and decide to work together for Mother’s Day, it is really sweet….just be careful who is in charge of getting the card – it just might be this one! (Sorry Jordan!)

Inside: Happy Mother’s Day from me and my brother!
HA…HA…Now, that was Laugh-Out-Loud funny for me! And, the funniest part?? If I’d had the opportunity in years past, I’d have chosen the exact same card!! Loved it.

14 thoughts on “Some Cards Make You Cry……Laughing!

  1. hahaha….lOVED THIS… Laughed out loud sitting here alone in my chair….Great way to start my day. Hope all is well with you my friend. I still find myself MOSTLY resting in Him, but occasionally I swirl all over the place…How I appreciate prayers. Have a wonderful day…HUGS

  2. Oh I saw this card!!!

    And I love, love that song! My mother use to sing it and my father would sit on the platform at church with tears coming down his face listening to her. I can close my eyes right now and see him and hear my mother singing this song.

    Thank you for posting the words!

  3. Classic! Oh, I love cards like that. I've been known to stand in the card store and just giggle (all by myself) reading cards! Thanks for sharing this great laugh!

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