Some End of the Month Randomness

Welcome to Thursday and to this month’s last post.  Hard to believe, the end of another month is almost here.  Some days, the weeks and months just seem to click by so quickly.  Other days, not so much.  For me, May was a fairly good month.  I pray it was for you as well.  The month finished out nicely – well, with mixed emotions, if I am honest – with a good day on Memorial Day.  My brother met us for dinner and an evening outside.  The weather was pretty much perfection (until it wasn’t) and we simply enjoyed being together.  They even had streets lined with flags…which is only a plus if you read my last post.  I had my heart set on a nice (plant-based) burger but ended up with the most delicious quinoa bowl.  Sweet potatoes, tofu and lots of other yummy bits.  Yum:)  My brother did have some hard news to share with the family and, lately, life seems more and more like that.  An ever swirling mixture of lovely and difficult.  Of calm and challenges.  Personally, I am hoping June is a bit more calm and much less challenge.

As we were talking with my brother and I was processing my feelings with all he had to share, the weather turned on a dime.  There was a clap of thunder that seemed to come from nowhere but caught everyone’s attention.  We started gathering our things and there was another loud warning clap of thunder.  Within three minutes, the sun had disappeared (as well as all the people) and it was pouring.  Cats and dogs, as the saying goes.  A summer storm at its finest!  We have had quite a bit of rain this month.  Everything is blooming so beautifully.  No flooding or excessive rain but just the mix to the warmer weather.  I have definitely been in my happy place.

May has also included some good eating:)  We have had soft serve ice cream more than once and I might need to reign this habit in already.  I love trying new local spots – like this one we tried on Monday evening (just before the skies opened up)!  It was tasty but the selection was so limited – as in, two flavors.  Why?!  And one was hazelnut.  Again, why?  I think they might be more of a coffee shop but I am always willing to try the ice cream at least once:)

Enough about Monday evening.  My intent was to share this month’s “highlight” but before I do, let me share two – actually, three – completely random things.  The first two are recipes that I have tried this month and were, well, worth sharing:)  One was this recipe for Bacon Cheeseburger Mac.  Obviously, I made this for my hubbie.  He loves casseroles and any other one-pot type dishes. He has also been a fan of Hamburger Helper in the past but I have not bought that in years.  This was a bit of a homemade version of a Hamburger Helper skillet dinner and was very well liked.  He asked for it again.  I had to leave the dill pickles out for him but, if I were to make it for a group or to take to a fellowship, I think I would add the pickles, as the recipe suggests.  Then again, I love pickles!!

The second recipe I just made last night and this one was for me!!  Peanut butter Chocolate Banana muffins!  Need I say more.  Three of my most favorite flavors all together in one muffin.  And the recipe could not be easier to make.  You just blend it all in a blender, pour into muffin cups and 20 minutes later, you have deliciousness cooling on the counter!!  I highly recommend.  And….just for complete randomness, I wanted to share this sign for food delivery that we saw the other night.  The center where we were on Monday is a mixed used place.  Shops and restaurants along the street with apartments above.  Well, apparently, those apartment dwellers can have their food delivered through UberEats – by a robot!!  I actually saw said robots in the lobby of one of the buildings.  How a robot opens the door, I have no idea.  I was intriqued, stymied and more than a bit skeptical.  I just had to share.

Let me wrap this up.  This month’s highlight was the afternoon that my brother planned for the two of us earlier this month.  I blogged about it here so no need to rehearse it, but it definitely deserved the highlighted photo of the month:)  Such a great memory – that now means that much more to me after Monday night.  Not exactly the best photo ever but we are the worst at getting photos.  I snapped this picture of the city as we were walking down the street.  Pardon the trash can.  Look past all the cars – aka, traffic.  Truthfully, I suppose it is a photo that just means something to me.  But that’s okay:)

But thanks for indulging me.  Thanks for stopping by.  And thanks for the comments lately.  I so enjoy them and am always encouraged.  Let me know a highlight from your May…and maybe something you are looking forward to in June!  Here’s to a beautiful month ahead for all of us!

8 thoughts on “Some End of the Month Randomness

  1. I just now printed the recipe for the mac cheeseburger recipe! Sounds wonderful! So, Thank you!
    May for us? It was okay…rather a nice and quiet month for us, for a change!
    Our highlights are always when the kids come for visits…

    1. Donna, so glad you had a quiet May. Here’s to several visits from the kids next month:) Glad you stopped by!

  2. I´m glad that May was a pretty good month for you. Thanks for sharing the recipe links! I will check out that bacon cheeseburger dish. Sounds delicious and high in protein. (I will choose to ignore the high in fat!!) This month has been so odd for me and for no reason that I can tell, it has seemed long (the opposite of most time spans!) Planning Alyssa´s grad party for early June, I have felt like that has been on my mind most of the month. Then graduation in the middle of the month. Abby coming home- all good things but heralding changes.

  3. Hi Jennifer. May was a busy month for us with my birthday, cleaning and planting all my pots with spring plants, Mother’s Day, and all that comes with the end of the school year – even though we homeschool via an online Classical Christian school it gets busy with finals for Charlotte and so forth. It was a good month! I’m sorry to hear your brother had some hard news to share. I’m praying for both of you. I know how close you and your brother are. My brother and I are just as close. He was in town today (he lives about an hour and a half from me) and we were able to meet up for lunch and spend some time together which is always a treat. Especially with the recent passing of our mom, it’s even more special when we get to spend time together as we were all three so very close. Praying June brings peace and calmness to you. Take care and I’m thinking of you.

  4. I am going to have to go check out that cheeseburger mac for my guys! May, for us, was good but busy and June is looking to be pretty much the same. We’ve had plenty of rain but no flooding so that’s good. It looks like sunny skies for the next week or so but I’m sure we’ll get an occasional storm here and there.

  5. I’m sorry that your brother had sad news to share the other evening. Balance is a wonderful thing when it comes to trials and goodness. The majority of your month sounds like it was good. I’m glad for you.

  6. Hi Jennifer 🙂
    I was raised on Hamburger Helper 🙂 And I love casseroles and one pot meals. They are definitely my specialty when it comes to cooking.
    We had a great Memorial Day. My kids came over so David could fix their car and they stayed for lunch, which meant I got to play with one of my babies 🙂 It seems like this year has flown by. We have had the strangest weather in May. About 3 weeks of odd thunderstorms that pop up several days each week. We’re in for another one today.

    I enjoyed your random post today 🙂 Have a wonderful weekend! And happy June 🙂

  7. Hi Jennifer. Thanks for sharing the recipes – both will go down well in this house. Praying for you and your brother and the difficult news he had to share with you. God bless.
    My favourite thing from May was celebrating our 35th wedding anniversary. After a holiday in early June, I’m looking forward to what the rest of the month will bring.

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