Still Thinkin’ Spring

Had every intention of getting some snapshots of the new bedroom color but, wouldn’t you know it is too grey today! Ha ha – get it…too GREY! I’m just too funny.

But, it is rainy and bleak and a good day for ducks – but not for pictures. I did, however, come across this older picture of our bedding. Just to refresh your memory. You can see where the idea of purple came from…and you can barely see the highlights of grey. You can also see the ugly builder beige/whatever color that used to be on the walls.

Since I was not able to get the pictures – I decided to stick with my Friday’s Favorite Five post…and talk some more about spring. Maybe I can just WISH it here. There are so many things to LOVE about spring: sun tea, pedicures and flip flops (or sandals…I am a sandals girl myself), putting away the winter gear and cleaning out the coat closet and just opening the house up! I love that. Here are five more of my favorite things to look forward to this spring:

ONE: Longer days and sunshine! Days that you might even need to break out the sunglasses – and look as sassy and cute as Miss Riley:)

I love the sun staying out longer than five o’clock. When the sun sets so early, I feel tired. All the time.

Just the other day, I was on my way home from work – and the sun was right in my eyes – which wasn’t terribly comfortable but, at least, it was still up and it wasn’t dark outside!

TWO: Long walks with the dogs! Ok – so this photo is from the fall – Thanksgiving, actually – but it pretty much depicts many of our walks. You never can be sure who is walking whom??

Our dog walks lately have been more like mad dashes – out and in as quickly as possible. I know the dogs will enjoy actual walks…and, who knows, I might even get some exercise and not notice it!

THREE: Easter! I love this holiday. I have SO many wonderful memories from Easter – from my own childhood…as far back as I can remember….and through all the Easters with my own children. Easter also reminds me of my parents. We always spent the holiday with them. We had the best times.

Remember this photo I shared last year of the kiddos in their new Easter duds from their Mimi? What cutie-patooties!!

FOUR: Flowers – and working in the yard. Goodness, everything looks so bleak right now. I am just itching to get in the flower beds and work with the porch pots. I’m not a gardener by any stretch of the imagination but I love to get a color around the yard. I’ll be happy just for the grass to turn green again.

Hard to believe these blooms were in our backyard last year. Let’s hope they come back:)

And, FIVE: My Jordan’s birthday! Usually right around Easter – but Easter is incredible late this year…did you notice? So, Jordan’s birthday will be a couple weeks before Easter this year – and he turns 21!! How can that be??

I am so proud of this young man – he just has no idea!??! We will have to plan something really special in order to celebrate:)

Well, that’s get me started – what about you? What are looking forward to this spring??

12 thoughts on “Still Thinkin’ Spring

  1. Your baby and my baby are about the same age. Our son Drew just turned 22!!! My, how time does fly!!! Our girls are going to be 30 and 28!!! How is this possible??

  2. Your bedroom looks so pretty, Jennifer…and I love your bedding! I'm just ready to get MOVED to Alabama! That's what I keep hoping for…that our house will sell sometime this Spring. Keep your fingers crossed!

  3. I love that comforter set…soo pretty. You are too funny…I love spring too and am looking forward to most of the same things. It is my youngest son's birthday…he will be 31! And my grandson Jeffie will be 7! And Mel is coming for a visit! Easter!! Splashes of color everywhere with flowers in bloom…daylight savings with LONG days and warm weather…I could go on but you get my idea..just love it all! Have a WONDERFUL week-end my friend! HUGS

  4. I know Jen! You guys should plan on flying down to visit Jordan and celebrate his birthday with him and THEN coming to see me! Yay! Hee-hee 🙂 Just a thought. But really I want you to come down after the baby is born and see little Mr. Jack. Maybe you could arrange to see Jordan, get a rental car and come here for a few days and then go back and see Jordan again!

    Anyways, just wanted to tell you that I love you and hope Spring comes soon for you. It's actually been almost HOT here but I think it's because I am SOOOO hot these days! Am SO THANKFUL that I am having this baby before summertime!

    Talk to you soon!:-)


  5. It's beginning to feel like Spring here in SC. Cherry trees and Bradford Pears are blooming.
    We are having a Spring storm right now with Tornado warnings and all!
    Can't wait to see more pics of your bedroom.
    The picture of the kids is adorable.

  6. Love the bedroom look! Also love the pictures. Miss Riley is a perfect picture of spring! This week has been fantastic here in Florida….spring is coming to you!!

  7. It's so weird- I stopped in to double check that I had commented on this post—and it's not here. I even remember what I wrote. It must have gotten lost in cyberspace.:)

    Anyway…yay for Spring and thanks so much for coming by my place!:) AND I love your new bedding! Very pretty!:)

    Hope this makes it to ya!


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