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How about some questions about summer?!:)  The weather here has been all about summer lately!  Hot.  Random thunderstorms.  Muggy.  Oh, and mosquitoes.  Ugh.  But, you will never (well, rarely) hear me complain about summer.  Although mosquitoes are beyond annoying (and the entire species seems to survive off of me), Leslie’s ten questions for the month – found at Ten on the Tenth – are about summer.  To be honest, I did not quite understand all the questions and/or I had absolutely no response.  This post will be…um, a day late and more appropriately named Random Summer Thoughts on the Eleventh!!:)  Let’s get into it:
What will make summer successful for you this year?  Sticking to routine or a schedule.  Sure, it may be a routine of the summer variety but having some type of routine is crucial for me.  And summers tend to be when I most easily get sidetracked and derailed.  And, as lovely as life in full-time summer mode sounds, it never works well for me.  Closely related, for me, was another question that listed several “summer” songs or phrases and asked which one resonated most with me.  I choose dog days of summer which typically refers to the oppressive heat and all the humidity of this season – of which we have plenty around here –  but Merriam Webster included “a period of stagnation or inactivity” in its definition.  Bingo. Exactly why schedule or routine is crucial for me.  I do not want my summer to be total stagnation….physically, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually.
What do you look forward to doing this summer that you couldn’t do last summer because of Covid? What plans did you have last summer that had to be postponed or canceled altogether?  We had to cancel our 35th wedding anniversary trip.  Hugest sigh ever.  That trip has not yet been rescheduled but we are hoping to make a few smaller trips in the next few months, although we really enjoying traveling during the fall.  Fourth of July celebrations were basically canceled last year and I look forward to celebrating with family and friends again this year.  Even today, we are attending a high school graduation party.  It is just nice to celebrate milestones, special occasions, holidays, Sunday dinners, and even random Monday evenings together again.

7 thoughts on “Summer Thoughts – A Link-up

  1. That was a fun post! I know you’re beyond excited about your son coming home- I can’t believe it’s already been a year~ time flies! I’m so glad everything is opening back up for you, it is for us here near Memphis too. I have one complaint so far for the summer and that is that I have only been able to swim one time so far! I look forward to remedying that tomorrow and plan to spend the first half of my day poolside. I can’t wait! I love all things summer, even if the actual weather isn’t my favorite. I love the relaxed schedule and gatherings. Have a great day, my friend!

    1. So glad you stopped by, Jennifer! Hope your day, poolside, tomorrow is just the best! And you are right – so excited about Jordan coming home!! Insert happy dance:)

  2. That 4th of July celebration sounds amazing! I am so glad that you are able to go again this year!

    My best friend loves a schedule in summer as well. It’s just her way and she feels so much more balanced and happy with one. 🙂 And hopefully you can get that trip rescheduled soon! What a special anniversary!

  3. I’m catching up on some belated blog reading and found you through the summer linkup. Yes, much as I want to let the summer routine be non-existent, I too start to stagnate without any routine. There has to be some sort of (somewhat) predictable rhthym to the days or I start to lose all motivation.

    Also, I’m so sorry your trip had to be cancelled. I hope you get to celebrate big soon!

    1. Hi Natasha, So glad you made it to the blog! I am always grateful for time to catch-up on blog reading and enjoying! I’m sure hoping the trip can be rescheduled as well! Thanks! Have a wonderful day…and week!!

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