Sunshine and Food:)

I had a wonderful Easter and such a nice weekend. I have also noticed that those statements “wonderful time…great weekend” all seem to be synomous with great food and the statements “I ate way too much” and “now its back to business with the diet!” Oh so true this weekend.

I made our Easter dinner on Saturday – honey baked ham, sweet potatoes, scalloped potatoes, green bean casserole…etc. etc. – and we shared the evening with friends. Oh all the yummy food, I think the deviled eggs are my favorite! I don’t know why I don’t make those more often:) For dessert, we had strawberry cheescake trifle – so easy and so yummy! – along with the haystacks pictured on the table!

On Sunday, we went out for dinner. I had some type of egg strata off the brunch menu that was beyond yummy! The weather was perfect and the whole day was just lovely. That evening my brother came to the house…he had an maintenance appointment for his car on Monday morning in my neck of the woods…so I was able to spend the day with him after we dropped the car off. I love spending time with him – and once again, we had a great meal in Old Towne Alexandria – we were able to lunch outside on the patio because the weather, again, was amazing.

Are you sensing a trend?? I am LOVING this spring!! And apparently all the sunshine and fresh air makes me want to eat!!:)

4 thoughts on “Sunshine and Food:)

  1. Good Morning..Sounds like you a wonderful easter FULL of great food, haha…Your table looks soo pretty too. What is a haystack? They look wonderful. I love to go out to breakfast on Easter either right before or right after church but we did pass on that this year. I am having a REALLY hard time on my diet these last couple of weeks and not only have I NOT lost anything, this morning at my weigh in at Jenny Craig I had GAINED .4 Which was actually somewhat exciting as I thought I would have gained more with as much as I ate over the week-end. SIGH….I am just sooo very tired of NOT eating what I would like to eat. I told my Jenny counciler this morning it is just that EVERYTHING that really makes me "me" goes against watching what I eat. I LOVE all kinds of food. I LOVE entertaining and making and serving food, I LOVE to bake, I LOVE going out to eat with friends, I just plain old LOVE food. It is is sad and ridiculous, but it is what it is….I eat when I am happy, I am eat when I am sad, I eat when I am angry, I eat when I am bored, eating is just what I do…haha BUT!! It has got to stop…I have lost 61 pounds and I CANNOT gain it back and I am NOT done either. I still have about 40 pounds or so to go….I am praying the Lord puts some determination and strength to finish this back in me, because I am feeling REALLY weak. I have no idea why I wrote all this in your comment, haha, guess you can see what is on my mind this morning. I am spending the rest of my day with grandson who is turning 6 today and I am looking forward to it. But we are going OUT to lunch, (his pick which who knows what that might be, haha) to a movie (which always means snacks) AND I am picking him up some special cupcakes I ordered for him and I have to figure out some to keep my big head out of them…SIGH…I can do it I know but I will have to be prepared. Have a wonderful day Jennifer…Hugs, Debbie

  2. Morning Miss Jenn, actually it is officially afternoon now, by 7 mins.,
    So glad you had a good Easter hon,
    I was praying for you and concerned about you. I know you are rejoicing but sometimes those emotions just don't like to cooperate!! lol
    Your table look beautiful, you should do tablescape Thurs. with Susan over at between naps on the porch. I do it to attract new bloggers that may not know the Lord, and it is also fun, cause I love dishes and pretty tables! I get lots of good ideas too.
    So glad you had a fun time with your brother too.
    That was a wonderful and timely visit for sure!
    Well, sweet girl gotta get busy.
    Love and Blessings

  3. Hi, Jennifer,

    Your Easter table looked wonderful! Those haystacks looked really yummy!

    Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog. I don't know who you heard talking about me, but do they really know me?!?!? :)Anyway, I thought the Cantata turned out beautifully! The handbell choir sounded great, although I couldn't see you from where I was standing. Were you nervous? That movie was unbelievable, wasn't it? I was so moved…

    We headed up to Mike's mom's for dinner on Sunday and spent the afternoon/early evening there.

    I think sunshine and food go well together. Glad you had a chance to visit with your brother for a little while.

    FYI~no cavities for any of us!

  4. I will celebrate 7 years of being cancer free in October of this year. In fact, when I make it though this year with no evidence of cancer, my oncologist is going to release me from his care. Isn't that great news. Good luck with your remaining treatments. Yes, we do have quite a lot in common. Love & blessings from NC!

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