Ten on the Tenth: The Sports Edition

I am so mixed up with my posts this week.  I played catch up with my Currently post on Wednesday – which normally would be the day for a Ten on the Tenth post.  So, I am playing catch up again.  Good thing I am not getting paid to do this:)  My Ten on the Tenth will probably be anything but exciting because it is all about sports.  I am not athletic nor am I interested in sports (at all).  We are not a sports family either.  But I will save all that for my answers.  Let’s get this ball rolling (pun totally recognized).
1 – Were you good at sports in school?  Um, no.  That whole “not athletic” thing is not in my imagination.  I did participate in track during my 11th-grade year – because my best friend was on the team.  Me…running?  I have no idea what I was thinking.  It was not pretty.
2 – What are your favorite sports to watch on tv?  There was a time when we watched football on tv.  Occasionally.  Thankfully that time has passed.  We prefer not to support the NFL in any way.  My husband does enjoy college football.  And I enjoy watching it with him.  We do not have cable so it is not always easy to watch the best games but we still occasionally enjoy a game on Saturday evenings.
3 – Do you regularly watch live sports?  No.  I have only seen a few live games.  My parents, however, lived in Charlotte (when they were alive) and, somehow, became huge Hornets fans.  They so enjoyed going to the games and one weekend they took Jordan to a game.  He was four at the time.  He had no idea what was going on….and got home very late for a little guy.  He crashed.  The next morning I was asking him how he liked it.  He smiled and said, “I really liked the Honey bees!”  (The cheerleaders!)  Still makes me laugh:)
4 – Do you get emotional during the Olympics medal ceremony?  Indeed no.
5 – What fitness activities do you enjoy now?  (I left out the part about sports – for obvious reasons).  If it resembles exercise, I balk at it.  Ha.  But I do try to walk.  I would love to “fall in love” with walking (or any activity) but it has not happened yet.
6 – Did you have a sports hero when you were younger?  Not really – but I do remember as a young elementary-aged girl and we would play house, my “married” name would always be Jennifer Yastrzemski.  Mind you, I had no idea who Carl Yastrzemski was…..probably was not sure who the Boston Red Sox were – and I certainly could not spell it! But I thought Yastrzemski was the coolest sounding name ever!
7 – What is the most memorable sporting event I can remember?  When I was in college, my brother was dating a girl whose father had box seats downtown for The Washington Capitals (the ice hockey team).  I went along once.  Who knew you could get such service – and so much food!! – in the box seats:)  During halftime, folks were chosen to come out on the ice.  If you made a goal, you won a half gallon of ice cream.  Mind you, I had never held a hockey stick in my hand – but I scored!  And the stands went wild:)  Totally most memorable!
8 – Is anyone in your family outstanding at sports?  You can guess the answer here.  A big no.  I cannot think of anyone who has excelled at sports.  Or even played at the college level.  Apparently, some things just run in families – lol!
9 – Name three sports you avoid on tv.  As I said, we don’t watch sports on tv….but, if we did, you can be sure we would not be watching baseball (sooo long), golf (sooo slow) or boxing (sooo violent/bloody).
10 – Name the sports personality you most admire in 2022.  Oh, this was not a good place to end.  I have no idea.  I know the names of very few…..and admire even fewer.  Sad but true.  Truthfully, I would love some help here.  Can you tell me some sports personalities with genuine character that can be admired?  I will say that I read a book once by Ben Malcolmson (I won’t repeat his story here but you can read the book:  Be Utterly Amazed by an Amazing God) and his story was truly impactful and inspiring!!
If you are super athletic, don’t tell me.  No need to rub it in.  But I would love to know your most memorable sporting event!  Have a great weekend, friends.  We might play some cornhole when we go out tomorrow with my brother.  Does that count…and make me athletic??:)

10 thoughts on “Ten on the Tenth: The Sports Edition

  1. Fun post to read! I chuckled at some of your answers and love the pun about getting the ball rolling (why aren’t you getting paid, btw?? 😉 Someone definitely should be paying you!). Your answers to the three sports you wouldn’t/ don’t watch.- yes, yes and yes- I completely agree with your answers. I hear you about the NFL. We stopped supporting/ watching it it a few years ago… and then the Bengals went and got good on us this past year so we broke down and started watching Bengals games. Which I know is supporting the NFL… but it was a good way to connect with our son who lives in Cincy right now in college and got really into the season. I tell myself there are a few great role models in the NFL (including some Bengals players) and that assuages some of the guilt of supporting the NFL. That is really cool that you scored a goal and won ice cream- a win, win! You are an athlete after all ;). Have a great weekend!

  2. Hi Jennifer. Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting. This was an interesting post. We don’t watch a lot of sports at our house either. When our oldest son still lived at home we watched baseball and when we lived in the St. Louis area we went to Cardinals baseball games. I will be back to visit your blog again for sure. have a great weekend!

  3. Oh, this was fun to read! And I say corn hole definitely counts! It takes much more hand-eye coordination than I have to get those little bean bags into the same sized holes! I really enjoyed your story about the Washington Capitals game and winning a half gallon of ice cream! That is so great! I went to a Flyers game once and I realized that if I am going to watch hockey at all, I would much rather sit on my couch and watch it! It is so crowded and cramped and rambunctious at those games! Wonderful post!


    1. So glad you stopped by, Shelbee…and thanks for taking the time to comment! Hockey is certainly rambunctious:) Definitely an activity for my 20-something self! LOL!

  4. We for sure do not care about no sport. Although Stephen was a pretty good wrestler at the stage level. Dan Gable he was not though although uncle would have you believe different. If bodybuilding was a sport I would be holding us down. I do love me some honeybees. I need an old Charlotte hornets jersey for Christmas though. Who gets emotional from the Olympics? We don’t even know it’s on half the time.

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