Just one more post on my Texas trip…I have that feeling when you know that you’ve shown one too many family dvds of little johnny’s birthday party…and one by one all of your guests are excusing themselves to the restroom – and never returning! That’s way I’ve saved the pictures for last – hopefully, that will make you come back from the bathroom! I promise I will finish my notes today….

We headed out on Sunday morning after the wedding….headed toward San Antonio – by way of a super cute town called Fredericksburg. We actually have a Fredericksburg close to home here but the one in Texas had a true German feel. Actually, quite a bit of Texas was originally settled by Germans…who knew? The town had tons of charm; however, it was quite the tourist spot. It was really crowded – and personally, I was just captivated by Georgetown earlier so it just didn’t compare for me.

We had a nice time there, though. And had a yummy, quite authentic German meal. While actually, my girlfriend did. I had pizza…sad, I know. But I did try cabbage! But the best thing I had to eat…maybe even the whole trip…was during our lunch there – FRIED PICKLES!! I’ve been told they are quite the “southern” treat and easily found lots of places but personally, I had never heard of them and was a bit skeptical. They were the best!! My friend thought they were a bit too spicy but I couldn’t get enough!! Please tell me – has anyone else every had a sliced dill pickle…with a zippy breading and perfectly fried…..and ranch dressing to dip them in??? Oh, I want to go back!!

Then on to San Antonio….and you know who is in San Antonio?? My boy, Jordan! Honestly, I did not think it was going to work out that I would have a chance to see him – which was terrible. So close and not even a minute. But it turns out we were able to pick him from the base and spend about two hours with him – two short but oh so special hours for the mommy missing her far-away baby!!

I grabbed this photo of us at Olive Garden – yes, he wanted food! It was taken on my cell phone and honestly looks great…on the phone. I had no idea it was so fuzzy until I transferred it to the computer – so disappointing. But I will share it with you anyways! And, by the way, I did get photos from my girlfriend (the one who remembered a camera!) and I’ll post those tomorrow!

I don’t know – who looks happier? The proud momma…or the airman getting off base and having “real” food?? He is just too cute! 🙂

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  1. Love fried pickles and ranch dressing! Fredericksburg is neat when you can get there without all of the people. My husband and I like to camp there in the city park. So glad you got to see your son. The picture looks good. Can't wait to see your other pictures to see if I recognize anything!

  2. What a great trip! I am so glad that you and Jordan were able to visit. What a blessing to your momma's heart! I'm looking forward to your pictures tomorrow.

  3. Love the picture. So glad it worked out to see him. I LOVE the Olive Garden!
    Your kind comments always make my day! You are such a blessing to me! Have a great day.

  4. Hi, I am so glad that you got to see your son,…even if it was only for a couple of hours! At least you got to hug on him and feed him and snap some pictures! And I am sure it did your heart so much good to see your Airman!

    Sounds like your trip was fun. Fried Pickles sound interesting. I could only try them if I made them myself, because when they coat them and fry them they probably use an egg for the dipping mixture. I am allergic to eggs. But maybe I could coat them with buttermilk and then flour and fry them??? I might just try! (:>)

    Thanks for your comment on my last week's post about the Summer Fun we have been having with our Grandkids. Farkle is a fun dice game. I bought one at Target. The kids love it. When they don't get what they are trying for they say,…"Oh,..I Farkeled!" And they think it is fun to say!

    You should link up your Texas story today with Wednesday's Walk Down Memory Lane. Go to my post and read about our recent trip to Branson Missouri, and link up by clicking on the button.

    Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

  5. Fried pickles… ahh, I just heard the angels sing! Mmmm mmm good! We've gotten them in Destin a LOT (Busters Sports Bar.. the BEST), and there's a restaurant or two here in my part of Georgia that serves up some fine ones! One of the chains even has them but I can't remember which.. Chilis? maybe. Anyway, oh yeah, they're fine.. with ranch, just like you said. Oh yum. I need to go find something to eat now (no, I'm not going to the bathroom, I promise. I will be back!!!)

  6. Yes, you both look happy – you're just two peas in a pod! 🙂

    German food – blah! It's not my favorite. Fried pickles? Sounds interesting. I'd try it.

    Thanks for sharing!

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