The Impact of Being Loved

Without a doubt, my grandparents loved me.  I never doubted it.  Actually, neither did anyone else (but that might be another post)!  What a gift – to be so unconditionally loved.  Because I was so confident in their love, it affected me.  Affected and impacted my life.  These are just a few of my thoughts regarding LOVED….this week’s Five Minute Friday prompt.

My grandparents had a pool.  A big pool – with a deep end.  Summer trips to my grandparents’ house included hours spent by the pool.  Swimming in the morning.  Eating PBandJs at the concrete picnic tables around the pool and then having to wait the obligatory 30 minutes before we could jump in again.  I have never been daring but when I was at my grandparents’ house, I felt confident.  Simply being around them, I believed in me and in my ability to try new things, to dream big and even to be brave.  Brave enough to jump off the board.  As the years went by, I was diving, cartwheeling and even back-flipping off that board into the deep end of the pool.

Their love not only helped me in the pool.  It impacted me in school, with friends, in life choices way past those early years.  Being so freely loved gave me the courage to believe in myself.  Being loved gave me the confidence to continue to stretch myself even when the ugly self-doubt of junior high was overwhelming.  Those early victories shaped me to have more confidence even after my grandparents were both gone.

One other memory is not quite as pleasant.  One weekend after graduation, a friend and I went to stay with my grandparents.  A celebration of sorts. Sadly, for me, I seized the privilege as a chance to act like a fool.  Not in a horrible way but so insensitive.  We stayed out half the night – way past when my grandparents thought we would be home.  There were no cell phones or ways to contact us.  As I crept back into the house, my grandfather was waiting, in the dark, in the front room.  His eyes were misty with tears.  He was not angry – more relieved we were home.  And so disappointed and hurt that we would behave that way.  I am still crushed by how I hurt him.

Knowing we are loved should impact our decisions and choices.  I never intentionally wanted to hurt my grandparents.  I was immature and foolish.  And I never again did anything I thought would cause them sorrow or disappointment.   Their love made me want to honor them.  To bring them delight and to please them.


But isn’t the lavish and unconditional love of our Heavenly father much the same?  It is offered freely – not because of anything we have done but simply because of who He is.  And because of His love, we can live confidently…..following His will wherever He may lead.  As well, my choices and my decisions should all be so as to please – never grieve – Him and to bring Him glory.  What a blessing it is to be loved by such a wonderful God.

5 thoughts on “The Impact of Being Loved

  1. What a great post! I'll bet those quiet tears on your grandfather's cheeks pierced your heart more deeply than the sharpest rebuke ever could have gone, and the benefits lingered far longer than the ring of an argument would have. Your grandfather was not only loving, but wise.

  2. It's amazing how being loved can give us confidence and make us brave- that's so important, both with the love of friends and family and with God's love. And yes, it should impact our choices too- if we're loved we want to show love in return.

  3. Wow Jennifer, that was beautiful. You are a good storyteller…I could envision your summers by your grandparent's pool. What a lovely reminder that love can undergird us and help us to be confident. No where more so than in the love of our Heavenly Father.

  4. "Knowing we are loved should impact our decisions and choices. " I need to remember that love casts out fear. Thank you for sharing about your Grandpa. I an stopping by from Five Minute Friday.

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