The Struggle is Real

I recently printed off a picture to hang on the chalkboard in my kitchen.  It says:  Sorry for the things I said in winter.  Sigh….but such a true reflection of my bad attitude.  I am trying to maintain my resolve to not simply endure winter but, perhaps, even “make friends” with winter.  I knew it was a long shot but I didn’t imagine the struggle would be as real so soon.  It is just mid-January…which means there is quite of winter left to endure.  I mean, enjoy.

I am already fighting the urge to completely hibernate.  It snowed on Sunday evening and I used it as the perfect excuse to stay inside.  Which quickly becomes, stay sedentary.  Soon after that, my brain goes to mush.  It’s pitiful.  I am late posting this morning and I cannot seem to put three coherent sentences together.  So, please excuse me.  I hope you will come back on Friday when I will have a look at Life Lately.  I plan to start that post early.  Even today.  But first, I am getting myself outside!!  Before it snows again tomorrow.  Have mercy.

2 thoughts on “The Struggle is Real

  1. I am the same way! I made a pact with myself a few years ago to get outside in the winter anytime it isn’t below 30 and the sun is shining whether I feel like I want to or not (as I could happily hibernate all winter!)… I’ve been trying to talk my husband into moving our family south just for the winter even know it is completely out of the question I just like to dream about it!

  2. Hope by today you are feeling brighter and better. Maybe you even got outside and played in the snow a while. Of course, easy for me to say sitting here in Florida where we have no such thing as snow! But I’ve lived in it many a year and I fully appreciate the way you are feeling. I would get cabin fever quite quickly. But, with health and conditions permitting, my cure was to get out and enjoy it rather than let it get to me. Throw a snowball at someone! Make a snow angel. Build a snow man. Suck on an icicle. Or build the fire up nice in the house, get a cup of hot tea or cocoa and read a good book and enjoy the coziness. When all else fails, write to us and tell us all about it. We are all here waiting. Hope you are having a happy day today. Blessings to you my friend.

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