Things I’m Loving – Summer 2022

As you read this, we are in Lancaster.  Obviously, I am preparing this post ahead of time…and I’m no prophet, but I am pretty sure we are having a great time!  We always do there:)  I am hoping that the weather is good.  Summer has rolled in – strong and drippy (as in, humid drippy) and I think it is going to be about the same in Pennsylvania.  I will remember sunscreen…and my sunglasses:)

It is no secret that I am one of summer’s biggest cheerleaders!  No, I am not particularly fond of humidity (is anyone??) but there is just so much to enjoy about summer that I could never complain.  And – it is the complete opposite of winter.  Just sayin.  Just for fun, I thought I would list some of the things (mostly about summer) that I am enjoying right about now.  Let’s look past the negativity – and the gas prices! – and remember the things we love!

1 – Sunshine, sunshine and more sunshine.  The long days are the best.  In the evenings, after church, the kids are really enjoying the new, recently installed playground.  I love watching them play out there.  The sun is close to setting.  It is warm but not oppressive and the giggles and sounds of play bring make so many great memories.  Memories of my own little ones but even of the long summer days I enjoyed “way back in the day”!!  We lived in a cul de sac…and it was a gathering spot for so many kids in the neighborhood.  We were allowed to play outside until the porch light went on…which was just before the sun went down.

Speaking of sunsets, the above photo is last week’s sunset in Anchorage.  Fifteen minutes before midnight!  I wonder what time the porch lights go on there!!?

2 – Mornings.  Ok, mornings make my list no matter what the season.  But having the sun stream through the windows to wake you up is soooo much nicer than crawling out of bed and it is still dark outside.  For sure!  On sunny summer mornings, I feel like I can conquer the world.  Or, at least my entire to-do list before it’s even time for lunch!

Apparently, I am not the only one who cannot get enough of that morning sun!  And that is her to-do list, right there!

3 – Summer dresses.  Especially maxi dresses.  They are my favorite and I have found several new ones lately.  A fun, flowing dress and a cute pair of sandals…and I am set.  So easy and so comfortable.  Also makes packing for trips super easy.  One overnight bag for the both of us and we are set.  Love it.

4– Gardens.  This one is a bit of a stretch.  I have mentioned that I come from a family of green thumbs.  But not necessarily homesteaders, farmers, or even gardeners.  We grow beautiful flowers:)  In fact, in all of my many decades of life (and there have been several), I have never grown a single plant that was intended to feed me.  Not one.  Until this year.  We planted a pepper plant.  Don’t laugh but, yes, one pepper plant.  You have to start somewhere…and we are so excited with ourselves!!   I took a picture of it just last night.  It already has blooms!!

5 – Summer food.  Oh, I wish I could say ice cream, but I have not really been enjoying ice cream this summer.  You know…keto.  I did find some keto ice cream at the grocery store – and it really was pretty tasty – but what I really enjoy is the whole experience of going to the soft-serve stand, trying to decide between all the delicious choices while you wait in the ridiculously long line, and then eating it outside on a sticky, humid night.  That I have not enjoyed.  And, side note:  keto is rather boring in the summer.  Or maybe keto is just getting boring.  I’m sticking with it but…..oh, I miss you soft-serve ice cream!

I do enjoy all the fresh produce.  I love the zucchini, squash, peppers, and more fresh from the farmer’s market.  Oh, I love corn on the cob, too.  But…..well, keto.  Grrrr. Maybe this was a bad category.

6 – I also love the summer flowers.  I enjoy the mums when the season changes but the summer flowers really are my favorite.  Geraniums are my first favorite.  We had two small pots on the patio that were yet to be filled….but not anymore.  Look at those sweet blooms!

I also love crape myrtles but ours have not bloomed yet.  Not sure why they are so late in the season – but definitely a summer dazzler when they do!

7 – Pedicures.  I actually get pedicures all year long but summer ones are just that much nicer because you can actually see them!!  Right now I am sporting pink toes…which I rarely do but they are looking super summery!:)

A few more random joys lately: lunch dates with friends (everyone seems to have fewer commitments); cauliflower pizza crust (I liked this even before keto!); weekend get-aways and planning trips; trips to the lavender farm (which I did not think would happen but is); hanging flag buntings on our porch; local musicals; evenings on the front porch; the sound of sprinklers; baby birds; summer weddings (there are quite a few this year); and – let’s be honest – air conditioning!!

So – what have you been loving lately?  I hope to catch up with comments as soon as we return from our trip.  Thanks for stopping by, friends!

6 thoughts on “Things I’m Loving – Summer 2022

  1. I’m with you on many of your favorites. I have one bell pepper plant in the garden that has about five teeny tiny lil’ peppers on it already (if you’re like me, you will get excited to see the tiny peppers grow and grow throughout the season). All the flowers blooming sure exhibit God’s creativity. We have a few flower beds in the front of our house and they are bursting with color and beauty. I hope you’re having a great time in Lancaster and have safe travels home.

  2. There’s so much to enjoy about long, sunny days! Hope you are enjoying your time away, I’m sure you are.
    I hope that little pepper plant keeps you well stocked for the summer salads! We grow strawberries, raspberries, gooseberries, tomatoes and runner beans in our garden, just a few of each. Funny how things taste so much nicer when they are picked fresh from the garden!

  3. Pink toes!! I want, I NEED a pedicure. Hoping to budget for one next payday. It has been a very long time.

    I love mornings, too. And you are right, they are much more pleasant with a warm sun streaming in the window than a cold darkness looming outside. My mornings never look the same. Need to start getting up earlier so I can count on having my quiet time before the day begins to unravel.

    Hope you’ve had the very best time on your trip.

  4. I definitely love the sun and the bright light streaming through the house windows! I eat my breakfast on the deck most mornings trying to enjoy that sun while it lasts…. and eating far too much ice cream this past month.

  5. I enjoyed your answers. I seriously need to polish my toes….I feel like I have nice feet but not pretty toenails…lol. so I keep them bare in the fall/winter/spring, and then polish on all summer, but I haven’t gotten around to it. I need to find a fun color.

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