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  1. What a DOLL. Some kids do it so much better than others. My 5 year old grandkids are soo different. The little boy has a million dollar smile he can plaster on for a pic even in the midst of a crying jag, and the little girl is JUST NOW able to somewhat smile upon demand. We have soo many pics of this precious little girl with a very strained at best smile, haha

    As for my daughter looking like a farmer, haha….No, she really doesn't look her part. MANY MANY people who don't know her have wondered about their compatiability. Melody is VERY fashion conscious (I think she is still making up for lost time as this didn't kick in until she was a good 17) and appears to be the epitome of a girly girl etc. But that's where appearances can really be deceptive. You will never find a bigger animal lover, country living, roll with the punches kind of girl. lol But she told me she was recently introduced to some new dairy farmer guys in their area. Mike had known them for a month or so already. Anyway, without really thinking I am sure the two guys said to Mike and each other when they were introduced, "WOW, really? How in the world did this guy EVER get a girl like you to move out here with us hicks?" She's heard it alot and is used to it…Upset her in the beginning as she felt like people were saying she looked like a can't live real life Barbie doll type, but she laughs now and sees the humor in it. And the truth of it is that in many many ways they are VERY OPPOSITE types of people. Mike is VERY ROUGH around the edges, haha. I think not only cuz he is a dairy farmer (very dirty work) but also because he was raised just by his dad. But Mel, brings balance to his world as he does to hers. She's had to learn that dirt tracked across her floor HAPPENS when married to a farmer, and he has had to learn that YES it really does cost that much to do my hair and nails, haha. They really are a hoot together. Their wedding was the perfect combination of grace and elegance and outdoor country.

    Sorry I've written a mini novel, haha, I get on the subject sometimes of my Melly and can just go on and on. I miss her around so. Have a wonderful day Jennifer. Hugs, Debbie

  2. Hi Jenn,
    what a cutie. Go over and check my blog for Jan20th, cause there is a
    surprise awaiting you!
    If I already told you this, please forgive my forgetfulness!! lol
    I can't remember who I told!!
    Oh wow, that is a bad sign!! lol
    Have a great weekend chickie,
    Blessings, Nellie

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