Time to Start Some Baking

Things have been “Christmasy” fun around here….Tuesday morning was Bible study, which I so enjoy, and afterwards an afternoon of shopping (which I so enjoy…) and today I will get started with some Christmas baking – but let me tell you a little about my shopping. I love to give – and to buy – gifts. I discovered a new project in my area that I really like….Be a Santa to a Senior. It is run by our local HomeInstead office and it was new this year. Basically, it is gift shopping for local seniors who have little (or no) family and may get nothing else for Christmas. They did have little wish lists, of a sort, but you were welcome to get what you liked. I had so much fun with that yesterday!! I bought blankets, those super soft yummy-warm socks, Christmas kitchen towels…oh, and candy! (Chocolate covered cherries were a request!) Tomorrow I am volunteering with the office to help with wrapping – I’ll let you know how the project, as a whole, worked out.

I also did some shopping for my friend, Laurie’s foundation – Tyler’s Tree. (Not my Tyler..) She also lost a son named Tyler, a preemie, and started this foundation getting books for hospitals. Yesterday, with sales and coupons, I got over $60 worth of new books and the Christian bookstore for $16!! Yea…..now to get them in the mail.

Today, I will start some Christmas baking. I learned a long time ago that my love of baking far outpaces my family’s love of sweets (I know, go figure!) I usually do most – or all – of the eating….especially cookies! So, now I bake in order to give away. Today I am baking for our military ministry at church. Hundreds of plates of cookies are delivered to the barracks at two of the bases close to our home. I found a yummy oatmeal recipe on this blog and I might try some simple sugar ones with crushed candy canes of the top (classics…right?) My girlfriend will be over to bake as well, so it should be fun. I hope each of you has a great Wednesday as well.

Thank you to all my friends for your sweet comments yesterday regarding my nephew and Tyler….you are encouraging.

2 thoughts on “Time to Start Some Baking

  1. Hi Jennifer,

    Our church in AL. did something similar to what you described. It was like “Adopt a Grandparent” for Christmas and you went out and bought things on a wish list for a senior citizen. Oh, the fun I had! One lady I bought for requested a jar of snuff. I couldn’t resist because she made me think of my Granny who used to dip snuff. She, also, wanted some candy, so we piled it on her. It was a great thing to be involved with!

    Happy baking to you!!!

  2. What a fun thing to do for Seniors! My grandpa is in a nursing home and your story has encouraged me to buy for several of the elderly people who I already know are without any family members. Thanks!

    I don’t particular like to bake. However, I am finding out that when I attempt to do it, I do pretty well at it.

    Happy Wednesday friend and enjoy your baking!

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