Our God is an Awesome God

The next port we visited was my favorite! And I have a lot of pictures to prove it – so I thought I would give you a break from my trip photos (I hear the collective sigh of relief even from here!) Not to mention, today is Thankful Thursday! I really need these posts during the week to purposefully pause, be thankful and refocus.

I am so thankful to not only have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ but also for all the ways I continually learn about his character personally. The Lord I love and so want to honor with my life is such a personal God – and I have been thinking a bit about that this week.

I am thankful that my God is not only the great physician but also the creator of the wonderful bodies we have. It seems every day, I hear of someone new who has been diagnosed with cancer. And, today, our friend is – right now – in the middle of surgery to receive a donor kidney from his sister to replace his failed kidneys. Amazing. Having been so personally impacted by cancer myself – in my own body and with my son – I know how dependent I am on the great physician for continued health and for healing when sickness occurs.

I am thankful that my God is our comforter. Yesterday, another friend buried her father. She is grieving – and I am well acquainted with grief…and well acquainted with the comfort and peace that is very real and accessible from my Lord. I am so thankful that we never have to go through the valley of grief alone.

I am thankful that my God is omnipresent. I totally do not grasp this concept but I know it is true. And while He is ever watching over me and walking with me, He is in Afghanistan. He is as real there with my son as He is here with each of us. Dumbfounding…but precious.

I am thankful that my God is a Heavenly father. As amazing and awe-filled….as powerful and mighty…and worthy to be praised as the Lord is – He is also a tender Heavenly father that cares and loves someone like me! He delights to give me good gifts and He does! I am so blessed and though sometimes I am afraid it sounds trite, I thank Him for all His blessings and this good life He has given me.

I am so thankful to be a child of God…..I pray you have that personal relationship with Christ as well.

One last picture from Amsterdam. I just love the flowers – especially the ones lining the balcony on the right:) I will have to save my favorite port photos for next week….tomorrow is Friday with Friends. I really hope alot of you will share your fall decoration pictures. Inside..outside…anywhere, really. Let me know if you need help joining us. Looking forward to it. Have a great Thankful Thursday!

8 thoughts on “Our God is an Awesome God

  1. Thankful Thursday indeed! I'm thankful to have both irl and blogging friends who are believers. People we can depend upon to be prayer warriors for us when sometimes we don't know how to pray or just what to pray for. We serve an awesome God–we can't imagine just how awesome He really is.

    This post was such a blessing!

    Hugs from Heidi

  2. Oh Jennifer this was such a beautiful post and tribute to our awesome God. I just love to know how many there are that I care about soo much that know Him too. I may never meet you face to face here on this earth, but I KNOW I'll see you there…HUGS to you, Debbie

  3. Loved this post, Jennifer! I have not tired of looking at all of your trip photos, so share away! I'm living, vicariously, through you!:)

  4. Our God is awesome, and I am grateful.

    I have a prayer request. A family in our town has a son that has a serious injury. They are concerned part of his brain may have been without oxygen. Their oldest son went to Heaven a week before Peyton. I know fear is trying to grip their hearts as they go through this medical emergency. Thanks for the prayers 🙂

  5. Hi Jennifer,
    What a lovely thankful list. Oh what a great God we love and serve.
    He is worthy to be praised, that is for sure. Loved your list cause it is evident that you really know what you are talking about!! This post was a blessing hon.
    Am looking forward to seeing the rest of your trip pictures. Hope to participate on Friday hon.
    Love and blessings, Nellie

  6. Hi Jen! Oh I LOVE all the pictures you posted yesterday of the Amsterdam pictures! They are so beautiful! My FAVORITE is the first one of that gorgeous hotel. WOW is all I have to say. I would LOVE to be able to walk through that and stay there. It just looks so romantic and beautiful! I can almost see in my head dad poking you in the ribs to get a picture of that hotel!

    Love you so much and hope you have a great weekend!


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