Too Cold to Think

I have seen these entries several places and thought I would give it a try this frigid Monday morning. My brain is so cold, this might help me focus!! Have a wonderful Monday!

The Simple Woman’s Daybook: Mon., Jan. 4

Outside my window… there is lots of sunshine but the temperatures are still in the 20s!!

I am thinking… about all the kiddos who had to start back to school this (bitter cold) morning. I remember those days and that’s actually one thing I DON’T miss!

I am thankful for… our fireplace! We’d never had one before moving to our new house..and we are lovin’ it!

I am wearing… a huge over-size sweatshirt that is way too big but is so warm and cozy! I call it my “snow day” shirt!

I am remembering… those cold school mornings and how it was always Jordan’s job to brave the cold and start the van so it would be toasty warm for the rest of us (no garage in those days!) Thanks Jordan!!

I am going… to embrace this new diet!

I am reading… through the Bible – categorically – with my church this year.

I am hoping… the predicted snow this weekend will not amount to anything. My friend’s daughter is getting married this Saturday (why plan a wedding in January..I don’t know but she did and I hope the weather is bareable!)

On my mind… (and on my heart) is Jordan – as usual.

From the kitchen… I am wondering how to creatively cook “for one” while I embrace this diet. Hubbie has no plans at all to diet! 🙂

Around the house… things are beginning to look more and more “like home”! And that makes my heart happy!

Plans for the week… dusting (where does it all come from??), exercising -ugh!, a girlfriend over tomorrow and “girls’ day out” on Thursday.

One of my favorite things… reading my daughter’s blog and seeing the silly pictures of Riley!

8 thoughts on “Too Cold to Think

  1. I LOVE those daybooks for some reason. I might do one this morning too if I get the chance. I can't imagine the cold. We had a little warm spell here over the week-end and it was 78 yesterday. Suppose to go back down to the low 60's todays. I "think" I would enjoy the cold for a while, but who knows? haha I too started back on my diet this morning. I took 6 FULL days off and went somewhat beserk, but it is over and time to get back on program. I still have soo much to go. I am feeling a little grumpy about it I am not going to lie, but I know I will be soo much happier once I am again on the road. Good luck with yours. My hubby supports and helps me, but doesn't really do it either. It is not a problem however. I guess he is content to fix a few quick little things during the week, and on the week-end he bbq's and we eat out and I bring my little boxes. When there is a will, there is a way. Have a wonderful day. Blessings, Debbie

  2. Hiii Jen! I'm cold just READING your blog and thinking about how frigid it is up there! I am surely going to FREEZE when I come visit next week!

    I liked the little thing you did with the "I am thinking" and "I am wearing" etc. That was so cute! Where on earth do you get these ideas? I just end up writing about such random stuff 🙂 But then I slap a couple pictures of Riley in there and wa-la! It's great! Hee-hee 🙂

    So by the way, will you be keeping to this diet of yours when I come up there? That is totally fine if you want to because I don't mind eating healthy at all. What does dad eat these days? He probably needs to get back to the gym. I'll see if he'll go with me when I come!

    Okey dokey, love ya!


  3. It has been cold here too! I am in sweats and a heavy shirt. You must show pictures of window treatments when you get them done, and a fire sure sounds cozy right now! Have a wonderful week. Jackie

  4. Hi Jennifer,
    You are right it is cold!! BRrrr
    It is suppose to go to 28 here tonight but at least we don't have snow. Everyone I have heard from says the same thing. I am with you on that sweat shirt. I have been in sweats for a few days now.
    They are so cozy. Looks like our freezing temps are gonna last into the weekend. That is new for us in the last years. We usually have maybe l or 2 nights and then it warms up some.
    We have really enjoyed Christmas and New years cause hubby was off the whole time. He went back to work today, so I started taking down my decorations today. Sorry to see them go on the one hand, but then on the other hand I am ready to move on into the New Year!
    Fickle!! What can I say!
    Hope you are enjoying the New year,
    sounds like it with your new fireplace. Aren't they fun! We don't use ours nearly as much as we should. Enjoy yourself warming by the fire, just don't set yourself on fire!! I did that when I was a lil girl, fortunately, I didn't get any burns. It burned the whole back out of my robe tho!!
    Have a great week, and try to stay warm. I am so glad I don't have to go out in it unless I want to, at least at this point anyhow.
    Blessings hon, Nellie

  5. I love the Simple Woman's Daybook post! I want to copy that idea. I do love a fireplace. Glad you are enjoying your new home!!! It is really cold here too. BRRR!! I am ready for spring to get here. Love & blessings from NC!

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