Turning My Thoughts to Dad

Happy Friday and time for another FMF!  The first full week of March did not disappoint.  Definitely still brisk (actually quite chilly, especially in the mornings), and the March wind does love to blow, but signs of spring are obvious.  And most welcome…and delightful!!  We even had the first fertilizer applied yesterday so even the lawn is excited:)  It will not be long before things really start to turn green.  Spring will settle in and begin to explode all around us.

My thoughts always (always!) go to my dad this time of year.  Not only would his birthday be this weekend but he – just like his own dad – loved anything and everything about spring.  About the lawn and the yard.  Loved all things green…and all the colors that complimented it!!  I’ve mentioned my dad many times here on the blog..and what can I possibly add?  So, in honor of Dad and as a nod to spring, I’m simply reposting an entry I originally put here ten years ago.  (Ten? How can that be??)

Happy birthday, Day.  I love you. I miss you.

I love spring!  And I think spring just might have finally arrived here.  The weather has been a bit crazy…beautiful breezes and short-sleeve temperatures one day and the very next day will bring bitter winds, horrible rains or even sleet and hail!  But, despite the fluctuating temperatures, everything is budding, blooming and turning green!  And I am never awed by it all! I come by my nature appreciation…well, naturally.  My family, on my dad’s side, is a long line of green thumbs and lovers of all things botanical.  My grandad had a gorgeous yard full to the brim with azaleas and other flowering plants.  My dad’s yard was no exception.  Our yard was always immaculate and sharper than a Tiger Woods golf course:) Every season, Dad would ooh, awe and gush over the latest explosion of blooms.  “Look at those forsythias…or dogwoods…or redbuds.”  “Did you see those jonquils coming up?”  And on and on as if he were seeing them for the very first time. And, now, I hear myself doing the very same thing.  Unfortunately, I totally did NOT get the green thumb gene…and I am more than a little disappointed about that.  But the love – the want to – is still there.  I especially love that all these buds and blooms remind me of my dad.  Oh, how I would love to have him working alongside Hubbie and me as we attempt to work wonders in our own little yard. The new buds also remind me of new birth – the promise of new life.  And that reminder makes Heaven even more real…and even sweeter as I know I will see, not only my Tyler but also my dad, my mom and many others one day.  And, who knows, maybe soon!

8 thoughts on “Turning My Thoughts to Dad

    1. Our folks share the same day…March 7th!! Dad would have been 87! Hope you had a wonderful day…filled with extra sweet memories!!

  1. Spring has sprung here in California also! We had one day of torrential rains, I mean a serious downpour with a short session of hail. Then on another day, I noticed my fig tree has begun to fruit. Teeny, tiny figs – the size of blueberries – reminding me that life persists though we’ve seen nothing but winter for what feels like forever.

    Amie, FMF #20

  2. Xo. Catching up on all the posts for 2021, love to read your words, sweet Jennifer…i miss my dad also…so thankful for the promise of heaven!

    1. Crystal, so thrilled when I see your comments here! So happy when you stop by – will send an email soon!

  3. Your dad sounds much like my husband’s grandfather. His parents had been florists. His yard was adorned with beautiful blooms around the edge and a colorful large garden in the middle. The community referred to it as “Elmer’s patch.” Thanks for sharing.

    1. So fun to be known in the community, or the neighborhood, as “that yard”!! Love it! Thanks for stopping by!

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