Twenty-five Days of Gratitude: A Recap

Just a heads up…a little bit of photo overload in this post. At least, for me. I know many, if not most, enjoy lots of photos (I am one of those who enjoy blog pictures) but I typically do not include too many in my own posts.  Not sure why.  Well, actually I am.  My photos are not usually of the quality to share!  Photographer, I am not!  I’m pretty sure my photos would be a distraction from anything of value I was trying to write and share.  All that aside, I have enjoyed doing a photo challenge on Instagram all this month with two new IG friends.  It has been a fun connection.  As well, it has stretched me – and a bit tired me, if I am honest – which has been good.  Without a doubt, the biggest benefit has been taking the daily prompts and purposely thinking (a bit outside of the box) of things, people, memories, etc that I am especially grateful for this season.  All of my thoughts can be found on my Instagram page (linked on the sidebar) but I thought I would wrap it up with a few of the “most liked” photos – which also happen to some of my favorites.

Morning.  It is no secret that it is my favorite.  Since my husband’s accident and with his being out of work, our mornings are a bit slower.  We’ve created a new routine and I am so thankful for the extra quiet time to savor and enjoy the mornings.

Last week, physical therapy began.  The first appointment was early in the morning and we both missed our (new) normal slower-paced mornings.  And our cups of coffee!!

These are two of the very few treasures that I have from my mom as well as my mother in law.  The rolling pin belonged to her and, although I never met her, I am grateful for her.  I love the simple stories that my husband shares about his childhood and about his parents.

For sure and for certain, I have not mastered the art of delicious homemade biscuits…and this rolling pin is just decorative these days:)

The weather was especially beautiful this month.  It has been warm (but still cardigan weather!) with lots of sunshine. So many sun-drenched days!! It is the kind of weather that does my soul a wealth of good.  I’m trying my best to store it up before the bitterness of winter sets in.

Is it just me – but does the weather truly affect you?  Mentally, emotionally and physically??  So thankful for the beauty of this autumn!

This photo just contains so many things that make me smile.  Memories from a fun weekend trip.  Mementos that I have had for years – some even used when the kids were younger.  Flowers in my favorite color and even a sign reminding me how blessed I am!!  And it is home – which is my happy place!!

So many blessings to be found in just that one small word.  Home.  Where my favorite people are.  Where memories are made.  Where I am comfortable and love to be!!

And, this one.  Well, just because:)

I pray that each of you has a wonderful Thanksgiving!!  Thank you for reading and following along – and for those who joined the IG challenge.  And an extra huge thanks to both Deb and Leslie who invited me to join them in this challenge.  Thanks for the fun, the encouragement and for the inspiration!!


11 thoughts on “Twenty-five Days of Gratitude: A Recap

  1. I have always appreciated your photos and think you need to begin treating your readers to more of them. It was your great eye that lead me to ask you to do this challenge with me. It has been a challenge. I am behind for today’s post and it is going on 9 pm!

    One of the things that moves me in your photos is that they tell a story. They have these delicious, warm, homey feel and the lighting draws viewers in. Like a fireplace!

  2. Jennifer, I didn’t know your husband had an accident. I’m so sorry about that. I’ll throw in my two-cents about the photos you shared here. They instilled warmth nd hominess into my heart as I looked at them.

    I hope you and yours have a special Thanksgiving!

  3. Love the pics! A resounding yes as to the effects of the weather on a person’s overall mood/outlook/demeanor! I am with you on storing up the beauty of this season for the not so beautiful days that may or may not be ahead…:)

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