Well, Imagine That!

Thanks so much for the comments reassuring me that, at least, my blog did, indeed have a title!  Who knew??  I quickly went to check it out on Hubbie’s computer and – viola! – there it was!  I still cannot see it on my computer nor can I find the all important tabs but I’m still in business! And, way overdue for a post.  What has been holding me back from posting – well, one good reason at least – is my lost camera!  Boo.  I cannot find it anywhere and, well, all blog posts are just more interesting with pictures.  I was going to post today without any pictures but just could not – so I will include just couple but they are from my cell phone and are even poorer quality than my usual photos.  Sad, but true. Now for my best news…. grumpy jordan My airman has come home!! and yes home – for good!  And, no, he doesn’t always look grumpy…what is it that is so difficult for saying cheese for your mama??!  He is on official “terminal leave” and will a civilian, once again, the end of September. He earned his GI bill and will be starting classes – going back to school..ha – I love it! – in a month.  I have SO enjoyed having him around the house this last week.  He truly does his momma’s heart good! and he was too far away in Florida (not to mention Afghanistan!)  Who knows what the future holds – but, for now, I am enjoying having both of the kids close to home.  Now, if I could just do something about those grandbabies……. And in other news……. I have been offered a position at our church/school and will start working there next week.  This is where I was working before Tyler became sick and all our children were in school.  I am very excited and feel very blessed to have this opportunity.  That fact alone is a testimony of God’s continuing healing in my life (there was time I would have thought I could “never go back”).  God is truly good to me – allowing me, once again, to part apart of this ministry that I love. Now, I will begin praying for wisdom to “balance all my blessings”!!Smile There actually have been several other really fun things going on but if I share everything now – what will I post tomorrow (or the next day)??  Not to mention….you’d be bored!  But, just as a teaser…. Yesterday included this….. cupcake  and a sweet blog friend, too!!

10 thoughts on “Well, Imagine That!

  1. Good morning! I am soo happy for you that your son is home!! YAY!! I can just imagine the joy in your heart. And the job sounds just wonderful….I would LOVE a similiar type job. I am just so glad you are in such a good place all the way around. Sorry to hear about your camera…so frustrating. How I would LOVE to have a REALLY good one. One of those that takes those wonderful pics. But I wonder if I could even work it anyway, haha…Have a wonderful day my friend…and I am guessing some kind of a party with the cupcake pic??? HUGS!

  2. Well, how great is this?! He looks wonderful and I know it's a treat to have him home. Now for his new adventure coming up and for your's, too. Exciting and busy Fall for your family! HUGS

  3. Wow! Lots of news in one post!! So glad that your son is home. He does look great even without a smile! I often wonder what is so hard about smiling for mama!! Congratulations on the job offer and prayers to keep everything balanced!

  4. Yay! So glad he is home! And that is the EXACT same expression my husband gives me when I try to take a posed picture of him, lol!
    Congrats on your job and the specialness of it. 🙂

  5. I know you are glad to have your boy home. I just sent mine away again, and I am missing him. Congratulations on your new job, and you are a testimony to God's healing. Blessings to you! Jackie

  6. Hi Jennifer,
    Thanks for your sweet wishes and comments for and about DeeAnna.

    So happy for you that your son is home, I know you are beside yourself with joy. It is wonderful having your kids close by. That is great that he will be starting school soon and really great he has the GI bill, was
    wondering if they still had that.
    My hubby was in the Air Force too,
    and that is how he got most of his
    degree in Engineering! What a blessing…………

    That cupcake looks mighty good, looking forward to reading about the
    why and who of it!!

    Have a great day sweetie,
    Love and Blessings, Nellie

  7. So glad for the many good blessings coming your way, including cupcakes, a son's return, and a meet-and-greet with a blogging friend! Oh, and a new job. My goodness, the page is certainly turning in your life. It is in mine as well, just a bit more slowly. May God be close to your heart and strengthen you as you navigate your way into this new season!


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