Victory is Mine Because of the Resurrection

It’s Good Friday.  Such a heartbreaking day when you consider it.  The day we remember Christ’s crucifixion.   The utter hopelessness that it entails.  Not just complete sadness but the fear – the dread for the future – that those at the foot of the cross must have sensed.

Our days can also easily be filled with anxiety – even a sense of dread, at the very least fear, for the future.  If I am honest, I have found myself much more anxious these first months of 2021 than I did all of last year.  Certainly, some of my anxiety is unmerited, or without a real cause; however, it is not hard to make a case that we live in troubling times.  Days that lend themselves to doubt and to fear.

Oh, but the cross was not the end of all hope.  Because Sunday is coming!!  Resurrection Day – Christ’s conquering death and leaving behind an empty tomb!  When Christ arose, He offered us fresh hope.  All the hope, the confidence, and the strength we would need to face our tomorrows.  And today!!  There is no reason for despair.  No need to feel anxious.  We can claim all the promises of God – evidenced and proven that morning at the empty tomb.

“…..Fear not ye: for I know that ye seek Jesus, which was crucified.
He is not here: for he is risen, as he said.”

Matthew 28:5b-6a (emphasis mine)

Have a wonderful weekend remembering the resurrection.  Celebrating Easter!  I pray the impact and real meaning of Easter will not be lost amid all the fun – the colorful, fluffy, and yummy parts – of the day…..and that Christ’s victory over sin and death that day will continue to fill your hearts with joy, confidence, and peace!!  Happy Resurrection Day, my friends!!

2 thoughts on “Victory is Mine Because of the Resurrection

  1. Amen. Had such hopes for 2021 but January and February just felt like reruns of 2020. March was better. I am a feeling hopeful for April. We returned to church in person last week. Looking forward to Easter Sunday service. Enjoy your day.

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