Five Minute Friday: Carry

Carry.  That is the prompt for today’s Five Minute Friday.  If you are not familiar with it, Five Minute Friday is a weekly link-up as well as an exercise of writing for five minutes without overthinking and/or editing.  Not. overthinking is often more of a challenging exercise for me than the actual writing, but I try to make sense of the first thoughts I have once I read the prompt.  Today, I had two (somewhat) clear thoughts – pictures in my mind, too.  I will try to adequately connect them.

GO.  The images of those fleeing Ukraine.  Mothers cradling their babies.  Others carrying a small suitcase.  One lady, with just her handbag, carrying her beloved pet.  My heart – like yours – hurts for these refugees.  I’ve tried to put myself in their shoes.  Can I even imagine what it must feel like to flee for your life?  To leave everything – not just material possessions but everything that defines home – behind.  To try and decide what is important or necessary enough to carry with me.  I’m not sure I truly can.  It overwhelms me.  It gives me pause and puts much into perspective.

I am also reminded of one (out of two) of my favorite verses.  Life verses, if you will.  Specifically, the second half came to mind this morning.  Hebrews 12:1b “….let us lay aside every weight, and the sin which doth so easily beset us, and let us run with patience the race that is set before us.”  We are encouraged – admonished even – to lay aside those things that prevent us from running the race before us.  Burdens, sins, and other entanglements that do nothing more than way us down.  That exhaust us, hinder our progress, or even cause us to quit.  Weights that we far too often choose to carry.  Ones to which we cling or others we have laid aside but decide to pick up again.

STOP.  I ran out of time.  My thoughts are a bit scattered.  However, no one expects to see a refugee carrying crates of unnecessary items.  Large trunks they are trying to drag behind them.  No, they have a goal as well as an urgency to get there.  Carrying burdens like that would only be a hindrance.  Such a powerful, and practical, image for me today.  I don’t know that I expressed it well this morning but perhaps it will be a help to someone.  You can go here to see what others had to say today.  Have a blessed and unburdened weekend….even as you pray for Ukraine, those who have fled and, as well, those who are doing all they can to help them.

16 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Carry

  1. Yes, as we pray for Ukraine, we evaluate what we would do in their shoes. May the Lord gives us prayers for our brothers and sisters, and wisdom in our day-to-day responsibilities. Thanks for sharing, Jennifer. ~Lisa, FMF #17

  2. I have been paralyzed in front of the TV most of this week. Today I babysat my 2-year-old granddaughter so had to step away. And I needed to have some time away from the devastation. But I feel so guilty because the Ukranian people don’t have the luxury of stepping away. Like you, I am praying before I start my day, throughout the day and when I close my eyes at night.

    I remember seeing photographs of the people being herded onto cattle cars during the Holocaust, carrying suitcases, wearing layers of clothing. Poor dear people couldn’t fathom wait horrors awaited them that could not be eased or eliminated by anything they packed in those suitcases or wore on their backs.

    1. Those images stay with you, don’t they? Definitely have to monitor and limit my screen time! So glad you stopped by, Leslie!

  3. I can not imagine fleeing for my life like that; I am often struck by the courage of people in times of war. I think that’s part of the reason I’ve been drawn to historical fiction novels. I don’t think I have those stores of courage but I guess one never really knows what one can endure until we’re forced to. My heart and prayers go out to those in the Ukraine.

    1. So true. We just never know how strong we can be…until we are forced to the challenge. Especially when we must do so for our children, our families, etc.

  4. Run, now, people, for your life,
    run with what’s held dear
    from the killing and the strife,
    from the abject fear
    that the world is watching you
    flee your native land,
    but brotherhood does not ring true,
    and they won’t lend a hand,
    for helping now will queer the pitch
    and create far greater toil
    for future trade, not least of which
    is cheaply flowing oil.
    So run, poor exile, while you can
    for we really don’t give a damn.

  5. Jennifer, I love your thoughts on this! “No, they have a goal as well as an urgency to get there.” I really needed to hear this today, as I am reminded, yet again, about burdens I have carried for way too long. Thank you so much for your thoughts. I think they are very clear. And it is a picture that will stick with me. Your FMF neighbour from, at #1 this week.

    1. Kath – so glad you stopped by…and took the time to comment. That is always so encouraging for me. I am behind in reading the FMF posts but I look forward to visiting my neighbor:)

  6. It is just heartbreaking to see on the news isn’t it? A couple of weeks ago these were just ordinary people living ordinary lives and now they are in an unimaginable situation.
    I was speaking to a friend who lives in a remote hillside village in Northern Portugal which has been affected by forest fires in recent years. The older inhabitants keep a packed bag with their valuable items, passports, money, photos etc all close to hand when the fires start so that if they have to leave their home they are well prepared to make a speedy evacuation. It made me wonder, what would I pack in that one bag?

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