Which Would You Choose: Fall 2023

Happy Monday!  I hope you had a nice weekend.  We (finally) got some rain yesterday.  Some much needed rain.  But the two days before that, we had the house open.  It was lovely.  I also noticed one of the neighbor’s trees has already completely changed its color!  What a difference a week or ten days can make!  The triple digit days are over (hooray!) and fall is stepping right in.  So, I thought it might be fun for another “This or That – a Fall Edition.”  I did this last year – you can check it out here.  It was fun and many seemed to enjoy it…so, let’s try it again.  Like last year, my answers are in orange.  I hope you will leave an answer or two in the comments.  And, have a great week ahead:)

Jump in a leaf pile or go to the pumpkin patch?  Even if I were inclined to jump somewhere (which I probably am not), there would be no risking spiders or any other similar critter/crawling creature that might be in a pile of leaves!

Go on a hay ride or find your way through a corn maze?  I would actually enjoy either of these but given the choice, the corn maze sounds like a lot of fun.  And good exercise, too!

Pumpkin pie or pumpkin muffins?  I can always pass on pie.  Muffins are another story!  A good pumpkin muffin would be wonderful with my coffee this morning!

Candy apple, caramel apple or candy corn?  Candy apples are nothing but a mess and candy corn is, well, not my favorite.

Apple cider or pumpkin juice?  What in the world is pumpkin juice??

Comfy hoodie or a cozy sweater?  Cozy sweaters are one of the best things about fall!!

The smell of cinnamon or pumpkin spice?  Give me all the pumpkin spice candles, sprays, lotions, etc.

Design a corn maze or a pumpkin patch display?  I think designing just about any type of display sounds like the most fun!!

Judge a pumpkin carving contest or a pie-baking contest?  Although I am not a pie fan, judging a good baking contest would be a lot of fun!

Go horseback riding or swing on a tire swing?  This one was tricky.  Not exactly sure I need to be doing either but the swing at least keeps me a bit closer to the ground.

Collect acorns or pinecones? I, in fact, have quite a few pinecones!

Chili or potato soup for dinner?  Another tricky one.  I do love chili but potato soup is also sooo delicious!

Roast marshmallows or hot dogs over the fire?  Well, duh.

If you read those all the way to the end – thanks for sticking with me.  So many food questions.  It seems fall and food often go hand in hand!!  Comfort food season is coming.  Better work in some extra hikes or corn maze adventures!!

17 thoughts on “Which Would You Choose: Fall 2023

  1. We had SUCH a storm last night! Our dog was frightened and so I was trying to comfort her from about 1.30am onwards – we ended up settling in our son’s old bedroom, me in the bed and her on top of it. So I think our summer is over here too. It happened so fast, this time last week it was hot and dry. I’ll be pleased once it’s settled into a calm, dry autumn.
    It was interesting to see the answers to your questions – You’re right, there were quite a few food decisions to make!

    1. We need the rain and no so much dry…but a calm autumn sounds wonderful!! Poor Coco…those storms, during the night, are the worst!

  2. Hi Jennifer! Long time no see! I’ve been MIA for a while, but hopefully fall will slow me down a bit. I also love anything pumpkin spice . . . except, pumpkin spice protein drinks . . . yuck! I love a nice hayride, one of my favorite childhood memories. I love a pumpkin muffin, especially if it has a streusel topping, delicious! I have a yard full of pinecones, so I would love to go somewhere where we can collect acorns . . . I think they are so cute! Very fun post!! Hugs, Barb

    1. Good to know about that pumpkin spice protein drinks. I have seen those in the store and have been curious? No need to wonder any more!!:) So glad you stopped by…I miss you posts and gorgeous photos. And always enjoy when you stop by!!

  3. How fun! Let’s see…I love the smell of fallen leaves and the sound of crunching in them too. But I am not jumping in them! I will take the pumpkin patch any day! Carmel apples are so delicious, especially the ones I make with peanut butter and chocolate! I love wearing fall and Halloween sweatshirts. Potato soup and hot dogs, please. I strongly dislike chili! Happy fall, my friend!

  4. I enjoyed your fall list. As a kid, I used to love to jump into a pile of leaves. I would break bones if I did that. I am looking forward to visiting a pumpkin patch this year. I loved going when the grands were small, but the older two are teens now and they want to do there own thing. I would love a pumpkin scone.

  5. Morning! Sorry I’m late…
    Jump in a leaf pile
    Pumpkin pie
    Candy corn
    Apple cider
    Cozy sweater
    pumpkin spice
    Pie baking contest
    Horseback riding
    Potato soup
    You had fun answers, as well!
    Enjoy your day…

  6. Fun- this was the first one that you´ve posted where my answers deviate quite a bit from yours- but that is ok! I love hoodies, pie, chili. Have a great day!

  7. A lot of great ideas. Now I want to go find a pumpkin patch! A lovely list you have there. It’s given me a few ideas. One thing I love about fall is walking in the neighborhood at night, smelling the woodsmoke on the air and coming home to a hot chocolate to take the chill off.

  8. Let’s see…sweaters over hoodies, hot dogs over marshmallows, pumpkin muffins for sure, corn maze, ride a horse and sip apple cider 😉

    Bring on the Fall festivities!

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